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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Sweet Birthday Boy........

That would be Jophie! Sweet 16!

Jophie wasn't feeling the greatest today. It was gorgeous outside and we had high hopes of taking him out to enjoy it. Once I realized he wasn't going to perk up anytime soon I brought the outdoors to him by opening the window and putting in the fan. We had a little bathroom dilemma but managed to get that all sorted thinking he would certainly perk up now!


We still couldn't pin down exactly what was eatin' on him so we muttled on through the day trying to make it as good day for him as he possibly good tolerate. I sent the nurse after some last minute Easter necessities, lunch and some goodies for Jophie. While she was gone I took a quick shower and then gave Jophie a bath thinking that might make him feel a smidge better.


Zofran and Benadryl it is then!

Success! Well not complete success but much improved and at the very least heading in the right direction. ;)

Just as the nurse was leaving I hear someone pulling in. It was Katy who happens to be one of my close friends and also happens to be Jophies former aide of 10 years? Maybe it was 12 years? Gosh I can't even remember now. Anyway, as Jophies condition progressed the state deemed it necessary to employ only nurses due to his fragile state. We all understood but it still didn't make it any easier. It's so hard to find good help and all my girls have been with us from the get go. They are like family not to mention Jophie knows them all and trusts them as do I. When Katy left it was like part of our family left. I know Jophie still misses her as do I. I'm STILL on the hunt for a 3rd nurse. Any takers out there? I promise we don't bite :0)

Katy came of course bearing gifts like she always does! An adorable birthday card and the cutest singin', dancin', blinkin', toe stompin' bunny ever! Look up top at that grin on Jophies face. Yep! He loves it and has been smilin' all evenin' everytime I turn it on.

Shortly after Lora(One of Jophies nurses) made it home also bearing goodies. I had her pick Jophie up a happy meal. Yep! I blended up half that burger and bout half a dozen fries for the little guy! It's not something I want him to have all the time but by golly he was gonna have a happy meal if I had to run a steam roller over it so it would go through his feeding tube. LOL

I am only joking about the steam roller. I haven't came across too many things that I can't get through that tube! ;0)

I also had her pick up a balloon. He absolutely loves mylars and you can never go wrong with those. Lora bought him one as well and he was quite pleased with her choices. I ordered a creamed filled donut for his "sweet tooth" but decided to wait till tomorrow to let him enjoy the it. He's finally looking better and I sure didnt' want to bring back that awful shade of green that his little mug was sportin all day ;)

It certainly wasn't what I had planned for his special day but when do plans ever work out? I find when you "wing it" things tend to go much better. When I finally succumbed to the fact that the shade of green on his face wasn't leaving anytime soon thats when things starting getting better ;0)

His party is going to be next Saturday the 18th and I'm praying ever so hard he has a good day and can enjoy himself.

Today was by no means horrible in fact I'm very thankful that he has been feeling so well lately. Just last night I was reading over an archived post from his birthday/spring of last year. I plan to post that link along with his "party post" next weekend as a reminder to myself and everyone just how far he has come in a year ;)

I was in the kitchen blending up a little something to go with his formula and I heard a distinctive "trach giggle" I peek in and see this....

That bunny sure is funny!

This was about an hour ago....Check out how fast those bunny ears are moving! They are just a blur! LOL

And just to remind ME again how far he has come.......

Here's proof from a day outside last week ;)

He looks like he's gonna sock me a good one doesn't he? haha

He's sooooo relaxed. He almost looks like he's sleeping. You think he is?

Totally! LOL

OK I need to scoot. I hear Jophies timer heralding me and I just realized I haven't eaten supper yet. How I always manage to miss that is beyond me :0)

Happy Birthday Jophie! Momma loves you baby!

Trina and Jophie


Tia said...

happy happy birthday precious little man!

Junior said...

Happy Birthday Jophie

Dwight Davis said...

Happy birthday Sweet Jophie!! We love you and your wonderful Mommy.
Granny and Poppy D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jophie! :-D

MOM2_4 said...

Happy Birthday!! That is one cool bunny for the coolest 16yo I know!!


Tina said...

So Sorry I missed this post Trina and Jophie.
Happy Happy Birthday Sweetboy...I just love your Bunny!
Big hugs!

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