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Friday, May 13, 2011

What a mess..............

Lets try this again.....During bloggers down time they must have gotten hungry cause my post was eaten! LOL

Due to a bureaucratic oversight Jophie and I are without income for an undetermined amount of time. Therefore I am selling everything that is not nailed down(No worries Tammy and the other nurses have Jophie chained to his bed;0))....Seriously, I have a link to my Scentsy sight. If you see anything you like just pm me with your order. All orders and payment needs to be in by this weekend.

I've also jammed "Jophies Closet" full of goodies for sale and am adding more as I get time....It's actually on my facebook.

If you see something you like reply under that picture. First to reply gets the item. If you are local I can meet/you can come by or if your not local I can ship...Price does not reflect shipping but, I will ship as cheap as possible for you...

Jophie is well aside from his usual ups and downs. Still struggling with steroid ups and downs. Still no handicapped vehicle and still no wheelchair. My health insurance is cancelling at the end of this month. Jophies got cancelled then reinstated after I showed them the error of their ways ;O) And the biggest mess of all is the cancellation of Jophies income...HUGE oversight and probably one that will take some time to fix hence or "no income" for an undetermined amount of time....

What a Mess!

I hurt my leg back on March 22nd and I'm still not fully recovered from that. My bathroom/closet and bedroom flooded and it took nearly 6 weeks to get this moldy mess cut up and tossed....Insurance kicked in and bathroom/closet and bedroom are now finished but nothing is put back just yet. Still working 2 jobs and a 3rd if you count my photography shoots that I try and work in between everything else. One of my part time jobs stops at the end of each school year then picks back up in the fall...Both jobs are very part time and basically I took them to help cover costs of Jophies supplies/equipment uncovered by his medical....I'm very thankful for them.

We finally have a new nurse to cover Jophies 3rd shift. She will be with us a year in July. Our area seems to be stuck in a rainy/stormy pattern and has been for weeks now. Major storms last night with 3 hair storms and flooding so bad it nearly got into my house. Was a mess with more of the same tonight...UGH With all the storms nobody can get their grass cut. I tackled mine a week ago and it truly was a jungle with it nearly at my hips. After 6 1/2 hours I was exhausted and could push no longer....I still didn't get it all but it was much better except now it needs it again! UGH...I need some sunshine for sure!

Jophie has his yearly checkup with his ped in July...I'm anxious for her to see how much he's grown. I truly never thought I'd ever be able to say Jophie is being seen for his "YEARLY" when used to it was monthly and some times weekly.

Well thats us for the moment! Gotta scoot so I can list more items....

Keep the prayers coming for Jophie!

Trina and Jophie

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