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Monday, March 29, 2010

i ♥ faces - Week 13 "Dramatic B & W"

Not much I can say about this one except gorgeous.......

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Friday, March 26, 2010

A bullet kinda night........

  1. Looooong weekend coming up...No help basically aside from a quick trach change tomorrow
  2. Jophie is well aside from needing to go bathroom.....Hopefully things will begin moving this weekend....Drugs on board
  3. After one week of Amox followed by Clindamycin I finally was able to get my tooth yanked....Bloody mess this evenin' but I've managed some cheese puffs and motrin round the clock so all is well...One more to be pulled at the end of April and a few more fillings then I should be able to get fitted for my mouth guard(I'm a terrible tooth gritter during sleep and awake) So much so I've worn down the top layer of several teeth.....
  4. Had my doc appointment after about a year...Blood work came back with some elevations and had those repeated......Stayed right on track with my weight after more than 2 years...Thats over 100 pounds I've kept off thanks to our cookbook...She was very pleased with orders to start back at the Y swimming to begin my decent towards another huge mark...Still no reductions on BP meds but we are certain we will be able too.....Patience ;)
  5. Katy(A close friend) tells me I'm turning into a "high maintenance" momma ;)
  6. Jophies birthday is just around the corner...No idea what the theme will be ..... Pretty much no help surrounding his day and after.....Will have to work all that out before I can even think about planning much less a day to have it....
  7. Crazy 8 order arrived today.....Jophies birthday and an Easter sweater for hopefully some current Easter pics.....Now come on leaves pop out on our little charlie brown tree so we can use you as our backdrop! ;)
  8. Still on the hunt for a 3rd nurse......It's exhausting
  9. Still pushing forward towards our goal for Jophies vehicle.....One school lunch and one doctors office at a time...Slow but steady as we go......
  10. Belly is rumbling ....... Mashed potatoes/gravy? Soft eggs? My healthy modified version of Heidi's Pasta/Crab salad is calling my name but my tooth on this evening says otherwise....Or lack there of so I guess I should say gums? LOL

Off to find something to eat........
Talk soon.....

Trina and Jophie

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technically Tuesday...........

Near the 4 a.m.ish mark at the moment. (And no that has nothing to do with the amish ;)

  1. Appointment 1 done! After much poking/prodding/tap tap tapping/xraying dentist determines "it's infected" ya think? Antibiotics on board and a date for extraction with an order for 2 more extractions as well. By the time he's finished I'll be known as gumby.
  2. Appointment 2 done! Appointment 2 done! Lots of squishing and mooshing and yet more xraying. The perfect "boob job" and now I have 364 more days of freedom from that medieval machine.
  3. More appointments on the horizon....
  4. Getting old requires lots of tune-ups.....
  5. Jophie still seems a bit off but not as much. Only required zofran one extra time today and the temp seems to be back to his norm 95/96.....Watching him closely
  6. Slowly will begin the stress dosing reduction. I didn't increase those steroids too much so it shouldn't be "too difficult" to get back to what we were at just prior to weekend.
  7. Finished up dosing Jophie for the night and hooking up his water infusion.
  8. Now just need to flip him to his other side/unhook Duo-neb breathing tx and I might could get a few winks before work tomorrow. (Need to iron shirt)
  9. Working the rest of this week. Looking forward to weekend and "possibly" a movie. Depending on how jophie feels and how these antibiotics are treating me by then......We shall see..

And now I must go or I'm never catching any Zzzzzzzzzzz's

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spoke to soon...........

  1. Bad weekend for Jophie with lots of interventions to sustain. Not sure whats up so watching him close.
  2. Haven't slept much if any
  3. Very busy work week coming up so praying we can work out the Jophie kinks before all that hits
  4. 2 appointments tomorrow so have to miss work on Monday
  5. Wondering how/where I'm going to fit Jophie in if need be to see his ped
  6. Thank God Tammy works today. I need an extra set of eyes/hands and opinion at this point

And now it's back to my second job....Jophies nurse

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How's Jophie.........

That seems to be the popular question these days. Honestly I've had trouble blogging as of late. So many things that I really can't put out here and yet I still long to dump it all from my brain but haven't for fear of what might be twisted or judged in the wrong way. I've struggled with what to do and while doing so I've tried to fill up the spaces here with something that required very little thought or words. I guess I figured if at least "something" was here all those who love him would at least know we were still alive.

I think I've decided to start a separate blog where I can safely dump garbage from my brain without the worry of it being seen by the wrong eyes. I will be making it private however, I have made so many friends along the way and I would hate to exclude those.(You know who you are out there) So, if you are interested in following a more intimate/personal blog of our lives please email me and once all is up and running I will include you(At my discretion).

With all that being said I WILL continue to give Jophie updates here so what you've been used to will remain the same. All the birthdays, outings, illnesses, inchstones you name it..... It will still be here ;) I think the only difference will be alot of the personal information I used to so freely share will now be for selected eyes only.

Now onto Jophie news!

Jophie is good! The picture up top is current. He wasn't sick in that picture but was very sleepy. He had just been bathed and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to snap a picture of him clean! He does tend to be a "bit scrungy" these days! LOL

Jophies birthday is sneaking right up on us. I can't believe he's going to be 17! Holy Cow! Where has the time gone? He desperately needs a haircut, shaved all over and those teeth need some major work. He needs more suction toothbrushes which of course are not a covered item and let me tell you those buggers are pricey! So, we prioritize and get them as we can. In the mean time I have another "more affordable" plan that might just work till we can get some more. I'll let you know how that turns out (if it does) haha

Tonight he's a bit on the bothered side. Not sure why cause Tammy and I worked out all his normal everyday kinks earlier today. Soon he can have all his 3 a.m. meds which will help and based on how he's acting, I predict I'll be slipping in a few extra goodies to help him a bit more ;)

Life goes on with all the "this and thats" Jophie requires.....

We have part of his wheelchair in our possession with the promise of "customized seating" with just a phone call from me to the wheelchair guy giving him the "go ahead". I plan to put that promise to the test real soon. He says he will come to the house and make the custom seat here rather than us having to bring him to the office. I'm happy about this but also hoping we get what he needs. IF this type does not work he said he would try something different. Jophies back is so bad now that I'm really worried about any type of seating working. I guess we shall see. Once the seating is all sorted out the actual frame that matches his seat is supposed to be ordered. I pray it doesn't take as long as the seat portion has taken.(Nearly 3 years) Pathetic......

We are still pushing forward raising funds for his accessible vehicle. It's a slow process but we will not give up. I can't wait to be able to say to all you who have been so faithful to help us along the way..... "We have enough!" Won't that be a wonderful day??!! You WILL be the first to know and will also be the first to see!

For those who are new here we have current fundraisers running at all times down the side bar near the top right. Take a peek. You never know you might find something you like or need.

Jophies closet is going to be stocked SOON! I have a PILE of all sorts of goodies ready to go in. I'm taking pictures tonight and "hopefully" I can start adding items this week. I'll post when I've stocked it.

Myself I've been a busy beaver. It's a good thing too because winter just about does me in. I HATE it. OK so I do love seeing the first snowfall and maybe a couple more but then I'm DONE! It's so BLAH I can barely take it.

This week is going to be extra busy. We're catering for 3 doctors offices, Sugar Creeks School lunches of course and breakfast/lunch for our local MRDD. ACK! I think I start to twitch just thinking about it! I am however very thankful for that busy because with it comes a few extra funds towards Jophies wheels! Yay!

Every little penny is one step closer.....

I have a few spring photo shoots scheduled and we're also hoping to work in a spring photo shoot of Jophie that is AFTER we groom the scrungy little thing! LOL

OK gotta scoot! Lots to do still and very little time to work it all in before 3 a.m....

Trina and Jophie

i ♥ faces - Week 10 "Jump For Joy"

My Beautiful niece on a beautiful day doing what she loves best......


Please click on the picture to see the full beauty...

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Monday, March 1, 2010

i ♥ faces - Week 9 "Hilarious Outtakes"


The Outakes.....

Turn out to be....

The Best......

Pictures ever......

This was by far one of my favorite photo shoots. We had the best time and were literally cracking up pretty much the whole time. Despite all the giggling and goofball shenanigans, we did manage to get some really good pictures.

Now roll on spring so we can start all over again! ;)

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