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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Day Weight Loss Challenge---Week 3

Well my scales are WONKY! I know I've lost weight and my best quess is around 3 pounds maybe? Ugh I just hate these scales. By counting the little black dashes I'm able to keep track of pounds sort of but as far as poundage I just have no clue. I used to think they were off by about 5-7 pounds but according to the scales at my doctors office, they are "waaaaaay off"
I have another doctors appointment next Monday and I'll know for sure then but, for now I'll just watch the little black lines.

I guess my next venture will be to find some decent scales. I'm still tossing up digital verses your standard dial. The digital I have heard are pretty accurate and are probably the best choice however, those dial scales are affordable and the best part you can lean a little this way or that and VOIILA! Lost a pound! LOL
I'm only joking even though you "really can" do that. :0)

Now I'm off to try and burn a few more calories to top off this day!

Good luck everyone!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Stand Amazed.....

I'm weary. It's nearly 6 a.m. and my body longs for the comfort of my bed. Sleep will come soon as I'm nearly finished with Jophies last tube feeding and last round of meds. The next round begins at 9 a.m. giving me roughly 3 hours of sleep. I'm thankful that Sundays are the only days that I'm alone to tend to Jophies a.m. needs. My help will arrive shortly afternoon. I'll need to grab a bit more rest at that time so I will be ready to face the midnight shift once again.

Our schedule to some seems grueling and at times that is exactly what it is at best. I wonder at times how I've managed to continue on all these years. 14 years to be exact. It doesn't take long for me to realize that its not I but rather we.....Jesus and I. He is my strength. His grace is sufficient and when I think my feet will not move one more step I just look upward. The SON shines brightly down on me. Little Ole' me.......The keeper of this gate.

YES...His grace is amazing.

I think Phillips, Craig, and Dean says it best in their beautiful song...... Are you Amazed
I hope the following video will bless you as much as it does me. Have a wonderful Lords Day!

YES...I stand amazed.


Walking in his SONshine
Trina and Jophie

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Day Weight Loss Challenge---Week 2

I actually started a few weeks ago but am just now officially beginning on week 2 of this challenge. Last friday I had a doctors appointment and had lost 2 pounds. As of this week I've lost another 3 bringing my total loss for the two weeks to 5 pounds. Yay! It's a start!

I generally hit the Y and swim 1-3 times per week depending on how Jophie feels. Mondays I have more time and get the bulk of my weekly workout then but, I've pulled a hamstring somehow and had to miss yesterday. The swimming I have found to not only relieve TONS of my stress but also has become my only reprieve from my daily commitments to Jophie. I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining because I'm not. I love Jophie more than anything and would not trade one second of what I do for him. He is my life and my breath. I just need that little bit of a break from his demanding schedule to refuel so I can face each days challenges refreshed for him.

My plan this week is to continue as is and try to hit the pool at the Y at least once this week. Two if I'm lucky. My goals remains the same to lose 150 pounds. It's a lofty goal but I have to do this not only for myself but for Jophie. With the 5 I have lost in the last 2 weeks that only leaves 145. Now doesn't that look better already? :0)

Good luck everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Make A Wish

We've been waiting for this day. A day full of hope and excitement. Excitement that has been building for some time now. One simple wish is all it takes. It must be from the heart. It must be perfect.

Later today Make a Wish will be here. Her name is Pat and she has been assigned as Jophies Wish Representative. I spoke with Pat today. She seemed very sweet as we talked a bit about what Jophie likes. What are his favorite things? What does he like? As I sat there listening I was thankful. Thankful for my son. Thankful I was chosen to be his mom. Thankful for the relationship I have with my son. Thankful that even though he can not speak, I know exactly what he likes and dislikes.
Just Thankful

We talked a bit more and then came the question. The one question I knew would come. "What does he want for his wish?" And then it hit me. Jophie is getting a wish! What was I going to ask for? Had I thought this through well enough? I've had weeks to decide. Why oh Why do I do these things? I stumbled and stammered naming all the ideas we had come up with in hopes of compiling these into Jophies perfect wish. It worked! She plainly stated what we had been thinking all along.

Jophies perfect wish. A hot tub.

There its done! I've named it so it must be real.

Our conversation ended with directions to our house followed by a sweet goodbye. I sat there still not fully comprehending the enormity of it all when once again it hit me. Jophies getting a wish! My excitement was soon overshadowed by a wave of sadness. You see as exciting as this is, with it comes the realization that "my child" is getting a wish. Not just one perfect wish but one last wish. A wish granted to only those kids whose lifes will be cut short. Could this possibly be my child we are speaking of? My son couldn't be "one of those kids" Could he?

Yes, he is. And there it was.

All those emotions I so carefully tuck away and avoid are now exposed for all to see. If I don't go there or entertain those thoughts then it couldn't possibly be so. Right?


Pat is real. Jophie is real. Make a Wish is real and tomorrow we will be asking for Jophies perfect wish and that too is real.

So for this day I am thankful for Make A Wish. They are a wonderful organization that over the years have continued to bring smiles to hurting children and their families. And as I face tomorrow I will be thankful for another day with my sweet Jophie. Thankful for his beautiful smile and especially thankful that as Jophie and I travel through this scary jungle, we both continue to be carried in the loving/healing arms of our heavenly father.

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