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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear God......

It's just me.......

I give up----I'm crying uncle here

Just sayin'

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bug Juice

It's always good to have when you have a Jophie who likes to collect bugs. He's such a good little bug collector. A skill mastered by only a few I'm sure! ;)

Black Plague it is not and for that we are thankful but the Creepin' Crud it is.....
Lots of Snot and wheezing. Coughin' Jags and the standard ouchie tracheitis/upper respiratory kinda thing. You know A "Jophie Bug"

The little toad was so generous and decided to share with me. See what good manners he has?


Tammy and I were going to run him to WV to see his Ped on Friday but, she was too afraid to have him anywhere near the office so we worked it out over the phone.

Cefzil is the Bug Juice of choice and it seems to be working out quite nicely.

We also ordered up some of Jophies wonder drug also known as Atrovent which he responds to soooo nicely. I MUST remember to keep this stuff on hand. Nice thing it comes in a Duo-neb already mixed with albuterol. Not so nice I have to give Duo's every 6 and in between just plain albuterol which works out nebs every 3 hours around the clock. I had to bump his steroids back up for stress dosing and more importantly so he could UMMM..... breath. Not horribly high but enough that it will take some time to come down again. Oh well get ready for our little moon face Jophie and it's back to the Roid Rage once again. We have motrin round the clock and extra zofran with feeds so we can keep the little fella eating. Immunity boosters and extra Vitamin C are swimming in every water infusion. Every body in the pool! LOL

One nurse is on vacation and the other is working her little booty off tryin' to make sure we both remain among the living which works out to be one tuckered nurse and one tuckered momma who is running on about NO sleep since last Tuesday. OK so I've had "maybe" an hour power nap about 4 times in that period. Needless to say between taking care of him, sharing in his Jophie bug and lack of sleep this mommas butt is dragging. No its beyond dragging it's ON. THE. FLOOR.

BUT....I'd much rather this butt be on the floor in our house instead of in WV in the PICU thank you very much!

Jophie continues to show improvement with loads and loads of nasty goo shooting forth out of every orafice from the neck up AND in any direction he so pleases mind you. The word "DUCK!!" takes on a serious meaning when you hear it in this house! LOL

I suspect another round of antibiotics are going to be needed but, thats OK as long as he continues to improve. I'll do "whatever" it takes to keep him here at home SAFE away from all those deadly flu buggies floating around especially now since he's so vulnerable.

We had ourselves a shooting in my driveway on Thursday. Flu shots that is. Jophie, Anna, Laynie, Lexie, Lora, Katy and myself as we speak have immune systems that are in overdrive building up the coveted immunities that will ward off the"run of the mill" flu. Tammy is already protected as she was shot a few weeks ahead of us. Now to get Danny and Megan shot! ;)

We all get shot each year faithfully. The twins starting when they were 6 months old and Jophie and the rest of us for the past 8 years or so with no ill effects and NO FLU since we began our flu shooting quest. We must protect Jophie and ourselves. His life depends on it.

We do have another driveway shooting in store within the next couple weeks. H1N1 should be in hand by mid October. I can NOT wait to get a couple weeks under our belt knowing we have begun gaining our immunity to the "run of the mill flu" and then I'm even more anxious to start building against the other. If I've calculated correctly. By Thanksgiving or there abouts we ALL should be good an protected against all those nasty bugs.

Roll on Thanksgiving! :0)

Tammy is coming today and I can NOT wait. I "think" I'm on the mend. Still can't breath from all the stuffiness but, hoping that will soon be gone too! Still all weak and woosy but I can deal with that. The worse thing for me has been I couldn't take any benadryl or motrin because I need to stay awake. It's a constant flow of something into him and when I say constant I truly mean CONSTANT. That timer is earning it's keep this week ;)

It's less than an hour before another neb is due plus gotta stay on cough patrol. He has these little coughing jags when it's near a neb. Not your typical cough but rather a "I really have horrible diseased lungs and I might just not breath if I keep it up" kinda cough. We have to calm him to make him stop. Once he starts he doesn't know how to stop on his own hence EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. he needs someone.

OK this momma needs to try and grab a shower because I can NOT miss that neb and for goodness sake I mustn't forget the Bug Juice for my little bug collector! ;)

For those who ordered trach collars. They are done and ready to ship but I'm holding off till I can safely send them without any bug passengers on board. I know how careful I am and I suspect you all are just the same. They will be in the mail once all is clear and safe to do so ;)

Trina and Jophie

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