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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meals 4 Wheels!


Rachel said...

"There is a God, I am loved, and above all he is in control. I am not a mistake nor am I damaged goods. I'm perfectly made and worthy of saving.

A masterpiece."

What a profound and soul-born statement.

I have struggled to believe that about myself many times (deafness caused by the varicella virus and Stein-Leventhal disease).

My life has not been nearly the challenge yours and Jophie's has been - and I am so glad you've posted about your hero so that we can know him too.

Laura said...

I read through your blog. Very inspring story about a young man who lives life to the fullest despite severe challenges. You are a wonderful Mom who does the best you possibly can to give your son a happy life. I hope you and Jophie have a merry Christmas.

tara @ kidz said...

I found your site through parker's blog and I'm soooo glad I did! I read Jophie's story and I am awe-inspired by you and by Jophie. Amazing. Special. Definitely God's masterpiece, as you say.

I am going to put this under the donations section of my site for special needs children.

I was wondering if you would give permission for me to spotlight Jophie and share his story on the kidz site ( Take a peak at the site and let me know. I'm trying to increase awareness and help other parents find resources and hope. Let me know what you think.

Much love to you this Christmas! And thank you for sharing your stories, perspective, attitude, faith, etc, etc with me!

Rachel said...

Hi there -

Just checking in to say I hope you had a great Christmas and many blessings in the New Year.

Can't wait for the cookbook to come out :)

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