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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain Rain go away.............

For a couple weeks now we've seen this.......

A whole lotta these.....

And a yard thats starting to really look like a jungle!

On the upside everything is a really pretty green. The flowers are dancing and the gardens full of fruits and veggies are wigglin' with delight as they drink from Gods watering can......

I really do love the rain. I even like walking in the rain although most of my walking in the last storm was more like "dodging" as the lightning bolts buzzed aimlessly around me. What we photographers do for a picture.

This is as close as I came to the rainbow that decided on "this day" it was going to be shy and hide behind the clouds.

Oh well I'm sure there will more rainy days and more rainbows. Lets just hope the next rainbows not so shy. :0)

Jophie is just on the verge of falling asleep. The Steroid Monster seems to have gone back in hiding at the moment. Seems he only comes out during the day usually right around the dose we lowered. Imagine that! No worries though! Jophie has a friend who always helps him through the rough spots. We'll just call him Ativan. ;) Soon we'll have a few weeks behind us and he'll be cruising right along leaving the Steroid Monster to eat his dust! That is until the next reduction .....Me thinks we will give him a few more weeks to adjust ;)

We have a big day tomorrow. Lora is back from vacation and will be here. Yay! We meet our new nurse this week. It was going to be tomorrow but I won't be here for part of the day. The twins have another field trip and I'm going to help out and take pictures. I have a few things to take care of while I'm in KY and then my plan is to head straight home so Lora and I can take Jophie outside for a bit. If I'm not completely beat I'm going to try and knock that grass down so it looks more like a yard rather than a jungle! Good thing is Tammy works tomorrow evening so even if I am pooped its OK cause someone will be here to tend to Jophie if I dose off. :0)

And that my friends is my cue to hit the sack!

Until next time.....
Trina and Jophie

Saturday, May 16, 2009

FREE summer FUN..........

Hey my friends....

Just thought I'd share these fun opportunies for your kiddos this summer.....

FREE summer movie Program....Several theatres particpate each year. Most are free but a select few do charge 1.00......There are a TON of locations. Hopefully there will be one near you... ;)

This is a list of other participating theatres more localized and not as well known as the above theatres...

FREE Summer Bowling Program.....The kiddos can bowl 2 games PER DAY all summer long. You can purchase a pass for 23 dollars that will cover 4 adults who can then also particpate ALL SUMMER on that price. If you don't want to the kiddos can still bowl FREE ;)

As with the movies there are several locations. Unfortunately there are no participating lanes near us but hopefully someone else can enjoy some fun with their kiddos ;)

I have one more program thats called Operation Purple....

This is a summer camp that is being hosted by The Easter Seals. Check "camp locations" to see if there is one near you. I know the slots have filled up quickly but many have extended registration and have slots/camps that are still available posted on their sight....

Here's a snippit to give you some insight as to what is involved and who it helps.

"These free, week-long, overnight camps are open to all military children ages 7-17. The program aims to help military kids experience carefree fun while also learning coping skills to deal with deployment-related stress and fostering relationships with other children who know what they are going through. Operation Purple camp allows kids to gain confidence by learning to be stewards of the community and of the environment."

I'll be back with an update on "Life in the Jungle" in just a few! For now this momma needs to take a nap so I can function and/or survive the rest of the day. ;)

Have fun this summer! :0)

Trina and Jophie

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Partner in Crime?.........

Seems my sneaky little boy has more than one partner in crime! :0)

More pretty flowers...

See this lamp?

Lora bought that for us at Christmas among many other things. There are tons of things daily we have to do for/to Jophie and no matter how many lights I turned on or how many blinds/curtains I opened we could NEVER see! Course I guess it could just be me? Regardless it was maddening so she bought that lamp prolly to shut me up more than anything! LOL

It's a simple lamp really....... Nothing fancy yet turns out it's real handy! Puts off loads more light than you could imagine and absolutely PERFECT for trach changes and all those medical procedures at Jophies bedside.

Wellllll.......That got me to thinking how much I REALLY REALLY needed MORE of those lamps especially one by my chair. Once again I guess I must have whined a little "too much" about how I just couldn't see to crochet or draft patterns or or or......

Enter exihibit B or rather Lamp number 2 :)

YEP! Jophie and his second partner in crime turns up with those flowers AND this handy dandy lamp! I'm soooo excited bout my little lamp. Now to finish up those boutique orders so I can start on my "super secret" crochet project. :0)

And who might that second partner in crime be?

None other than Tammy of course :0) I would link her blog and she does have one BUT, other than a picture she's not written one word so I guess this will have to do! LOL

Yep we are loved....

Trina and Jophie

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Sneaky little boy..........

This alone would have been enough...

Dear Mommy,
I know I have been keeping you busy. It makes me tired just watching you take care of me. It's almost Mothers day and I have been sneaking around a bit while you were napping. When you get time you need to check the mailbox. It isn't much (I don't have any way of making much money here in the house,) but its something to show you I appreciate what you do.

Jophie strategically placed this in our comments section :0)

Sneaky little fella eh?

Imagine my curiousity and especially having to wait to daylight cause this momma sure wasn't looking in no mailbox (in the dark where snakes are surely lurking ALL BY MYSELF up by the road)!

NOPE! Not this big chicken momma! haha

Today I did however go take a peek to see just what my little guy had been up to at which point I found these...

They were tucked neatly in my mailbox and waiting ever so patiently to be rescued from their dark hiding place.......

Aren't they beautiful? Jophie knows his momma loves flowers and just how happy they make her ;)

He does however have a partner in crime :0)

A VERY sneaky partner in crime who seems to sneak around during holidays like Christmas and birthdays and even "just becuase" holidays. They make a great team really. Both are rotten and sneaky! ;)

And for all those who have emailed and asked "Who is this person named Anonymous"??

It would be none other than my dear friend Katy

At least I "think" its Katy :0)

Thank you Katy and Jophie!

Your sneaky little surprises continue to warm my heart and bring a smile to my face and on this Mothers Day I've had an extra skip in my step along with a big ole smile! :0)

I've managed a little bit of this....

Enjoyed a whole lot of this...

And this.....Oh yea! My grass still looks like its been cut! ;)

Realize I need gravel BAD when I snapped this.....

And now I'm off to do a bit of this......

While Jophie Does a whole lotta this.....

It's hard work planning special surpises for mommies ya know ;0)

Dear Jophie....
I'm so very blessed that God has allowed me to be your mommy and I'm especially honored that he entrusted you in my care. I LOVE being your mommy and wouldn't trade it for anything! :0)

I love you so much my sweet little Jophie!

And to my mom...Showin' off her farmers tan last Mothers Day :0)

I love you with all my heart. I'm sorry I wasn't able to spend the day with you. I hope you realize it was not possible. I will be out to spend a special day with you just as soon as Lora is back from vacation! :0)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sooo Patient...........

My little guy that is..........

Sleeping soundly oblivious to the nourishment hitting his little tummy......

Waiting ever so patiently for me to finish what Tammy and I started earlier today.

His hair has been cut
His hair has been washed
He's being fed and has been medicated for now.....

He still needs to be bathed
He needs dressed
His teeth need brushed
He needs shaved
His bed needs sheets

I have all these things lying out and ready yet my little guys snoring away :0)

It is raining STILL which does tend to me him sleeeeepy! It makes me sleep too. We neeeeeed some saratonin! Bring on the sunshine! :0)

Tammy left for the day around 2. We have no nursing this weekend aside from Tammy slipping in for a quick trach change prolly sometime Saturday. Lora won't be back from vacation till the 18th.

Next week is sooo busy with Tammys schedule because of end of the school activities so she will be limited as to how much she can help. We will be uncovered for 2 days for sure. I'm thinking this momma is gonna be one tired pup come the 18th! :0)

I'm hoping this weekend proves to be productive as I have Sooo many things to do.

Laundry is coming to life and creeping into other rooms of the house
My bathroom needs cleaned
My bedroom needs cleaned
Living room/Jophies room needs cleaned and disinfected
Patterns need cut out and final design drafts need to be completed for ALL 3 outfits

At least the grass is cut and the dishes are done and Jophie is well! :0)

We continue with the steroid reduction. The last drop was on the 18th of April. I just lowered him by another 1/4 today. Now we wait for 2 weeks to see how he does.
I honestly doubt we can get him back to his old maintenance but, the way I look at it....
Anything below what he is on now is an improvement AND, more imporantly it gives him more room to go UP in a crisis.

The blenderized diet is working its magic as Jophie continues to magically deposit surprises for us ON HIS OWN. YAY!

Todays menu:
Breakfast: Oatmeal, strawberries, Vanilla Soy Milk (120 mls)
Lunch: Spaghetti, Chicken, mush melon, carrots, Toast, Blueberry/Pomegrante Juice(120 mls)
Supper: Chicken sandwich, Green beans, mandarin oranges, mush melon, Mandarin Orange juice, Blueberry/Pomegrante Juice (120 mls)
3 cans Isosource 1.5 with each meal (750 mls)
Sterile Water Infusions (600 mls)

Todays Meds:
Albuterol Neb Treatment X 2
Intal Neb Treatment X 2
Flovent X 2
Klonopin X 4
Tegretol X 4
Cortef X 4
Zofran X 2
Prevacid X 1
Carafate X 4
Benadryl X 1
Ativan X 1
Triple Antibiotic X 1
Zinc X 1
Immunity Booster X 1
Probiotic X 1
Seeee how patient he has to be? I'm so glad he's so sweet and forgiving ;)

And I'm off!
Jophie calls or rather his timer is heralding me :0)

P.S.....If you have Direct TV HBO and C-Max is open this weekend. It's actually open now. It started this morning early and goes through Sunday.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Trina and Jophie

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy as a Beaver........

Just a quick bullet post........
  1. Finished the twins Spring outfits. Can't wait to take pictures of them wearing them. For now this will have to do.

  2. Finished the twins Beach/Pool pants for their birthday. They won't take them off! LOL Pics of the girlies in them will also have to wait.

  3. Baby Kooky hat finished and delivered. It was darling and ever so small. I can't wait to see that teeny little squishy cute baby in it!

  4. Couple alterations finished and one to go!

  5. Working on 2 costumes for he twins as I type. They are hilarious! Sugar Rush Girl and Static Electra! Sorry no pics of these just yet.

  6. 3 more orders for Boutique sets and one of those is for a little squeeezy boy! Yay! It's been so long since I've made for the teeny little boy. Thanks Tia ;)

  7. Twins birthday party was Saturday and was sooo much fun! The girlies think it was the best they ever had. I have tons of pics to share from that but on a different post when I have more time.

  8. Lora is on vacation and won't be back till the 18th! Eeek! Tammy is filling in as much as she can but next week is the worst week ever with end of the school events happening! Pray we survive and her too! LOL

  9. I finally got paid and my bills are caught up for this month! Thank you Father!

  10. Jophie is all smiles and continues to magically deposit surprises for us on his own! Yay Jophie! It's the blenderized food no doubt ;)

  11. Jophies steroid reduction from the 18th went well. Now trying to decide which dose to lower next and WHEN. I know when but I'm stalling cause I KNOW he's gonna have trouble with this drop.

  12. One more alteration to do. It really needs to be finished tonight too. Hmmm

  13. Grass is cut and it bout whipped me! Don't know how I managed to squeeze it in between all this rain but I managed!

  14. Jophies hair needs cut next! BAD

  15. I need to go finish!

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!

Trina and Jophie

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Remembering you on this day my little brother.......

It's hard to believe it's been 6 years......
It only seems like yesterday...

Sean died in a car accident. The damage my little brother sustained in this accident was horrific. My parents witnessed it first hand. They were nearly first on the scene. They watched in horror standing helplessly as the scene unfolded before their eyes....


That help would come....

No Jaws of life were to be found (in the vicinity)
The scanner was all a' buzz begging for a helicopter that would never arrive

State Highway Patrol did arrive and what they discovered seemed as chilling if not more than what was right before them.....

In the midst of this madness it was discovered that both my brother and his best friend had been robbed. While they were dying. While they were trapped. "That Person" who WAS first on the scene instead of calling 911 was robbing my brother and his friend. Cutting their wallets that were attached to chains from their injured and dying bodies.

17 miles North of town...

It was just too far with very little local resources available....

I don't think it would have mattered

Seans injuries really were Horrific

His best friends were too who by the way was engaged to be married upon his return home from his visit with Sean.

My parents will never be the same because of what they saw..
That horrific scene will forever be etched in their minds...

For the Record..

Sean WAS buckled in and only traveling roughly 30 mph and even as safe as that seems...This crash was deadly. I used to work on the squad and I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn't take a high speed crash for it to be deadly.

Sean was the sweetest little brother. He was a darling little baby with the cutest blond curls which my dad hated by the way :0)

As a toddler he was mischeveous, cute as a bugs ear and rotten to the core! He muddled his way through that awkward stage boys go through and grew into a very handsome young man.

His compassion for the weak, wounded or the least of these was unmeasurable. Sean was the MOST caring/loving person. His generosity was next to none offering anything he had even if it was his last and sometimes it WAS his last. He had very little often wearing raggedy clothes and going without food so his children would not.

He was well known for taking in homeless friends and other peoples unwanted children. He was raising his little girl alone because abandoned her as well as her 2children that were not even his biologically not to mention the "other men" she had on the side. Needless to say the children were devasted and left with nobody.

He loved Jophie...
He loved his children...


I can still see his smile and can almost feel him squeezing me tight. Sean always gave me the BEST bear hugs and back rubs ever! I miss you so much and can hardly wait to see you again.

Remember the River is where we said we'd meet..

SO until then....

I love you buddy and Jophie and I will meet ya by the River!

Trina and Jophie

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