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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Picture Book.......

The past few weeks have been very busy. We've made tons of memories and the weeks have been packed with loads of fun and the best part....

Jophie has felt well! :0)

Because I've gotten so behind on all the happenings around here and due to my very limited time, I thought I'd catch ya'll up with our very own Picture Book with captions! I did leave out one very important event however, because of the impact it had on us, I wanted to share that story in a post all by itself. So, keep your eyes open and watch for the story about
"Our Unexpected Retreat" :0)

For now here's us for the the past few weeks!


Big Sandys Arrival with the bulk of Jophies Make A Wish Goodies...

Big Sandy Corporate Office made the banner you see on the back of the truck for him to keep.

Big Sandy Managers and Delivery Dudes

Big Sandy Managers and Jophies thoughts on the matter

Installer Dudes

Big Sandy Brought Balloons! LOTS of them and each bouquet is attached to the cutest Stuffed Snowman! :0)

I just liked this picture that Jophies Aide Katy took! :0)

Big comfy, smooshy Theatre chairs

The Theatre and YEP! Its The Waltons! LOL

Jophies first look at his Big Screen

Make a Wish delivers the rest of his Wish and here's Jophie with the "Local" MAW lady Pat. At this point he was getting uncomfortable and needing to lie down....See how hes arching and pushing back?

OK lady...Just give me the goods and BE GONE...LOL

Lots of Movies and his MAW T-shirt and Badge

The Cotton Candy Machine

He also got 5 authentic Movie Posters! They are so coool and we look forward to hanging those once we can find some affordable framing. And so the Frame hunt continues! :0)

Is she gone yet?

Ahhh...Finally...Sweet Slumber:0)

Watchin "The Jungle Book" AND So many decisions!

Watching "The Movie"

Watching "The Christmas Tree"

The Movie wins this day :0)

The Jungle book IS FUNNY!

And has good music...La La La La

Ohhh....Kaa is a scarrrry snake. Don't eat Mowgli!

No Worries though! Mowgli just bops ole Kaa on the head! BOINK! Do it again Mowgli! That was funny!

Big comfy chairs are also good for sleeping :0)


And now A lesson on "How to eat Cotton Candy"

This may take some time to figure out :0)

OK so I have it the right direction now

Smells Strangely familiar

Tastes strangely familiar

This might just be a good thing

It's" coming back to me!

Oh yea Baby!

This sure is hard work...I think I need a little nap

But its just so good...

Ah me thinks the sugar is giving me my second wind!

This just might require 2 hands!

This is the life!

Thank you Mommy :0)

And Thank you Make A Wish!

The Big Smooshy Chairs are also good for takin great pictures because my new Smooshy chairs keep me from falling over :0)

Merry Christmas!

And last but not least....

My cute little Christmas PiggyToes! :0)

And that my dear family and friends has been us for the past few weeks :0)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lets....Go To....The Movies......

Today is THE DAY!

The installers will be here between 11 and 12 p.m.......We are all so excited for Jophie! At the moment he's managed to giggle himself to sleep while staring at his lights we've got strung in his bed. He does LOVE those lights :0)

Jophie continues to do well. I can't even begin to express how thankful I am. There are honestly no words to describe this feeling. It's just wonderful seeing his smile replaced by those grimaces of pain.

Jophie still has his bad days but as for now he seems fairly stable aside from a little bump on the bum. The little guy is dealing with some sort of vascular growth on his little tooshy. I have no clue what it might be but because of its rapid growth he's going to have to see Sherrie. I hate taking him in that germy office when he's feeling so well respiratory wise. Please pray this little bump is nothing and that those germies stay clean away from my sweet boy!

I still have loads to tell and catch you up on but for now this momma needs to hit the sack. It's almost 4:30 a.m. which means it will still most likely be 5 before I actually lie my sleepy head down.

Oh and to boot! I found out that the media is in fact going to be here along with the installers. Ack! I wasn't expecting them till a later date. Needless to say I've been in scramble mode this evening and into the night.

OK gotta scoot. It's time to hook Jophie up to his water infusion for the night.

Once again I'm thanking you for your persistance as you faithfully approach the throne in Jophies behalf.

Will update with all the Theatre details including Pics!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks..........

Once again this momma is so very thankful that Jophie and I can spend yet another Thanksgiving together. Oh MY! I do love that boy! :0)

I'm sorry for my unexpected long absence. I truly needed this time alone with Jophie. I will be back in full swing filling you in on all the dirt! So much has happened so we do indeed have some catch up time in store!

Just not tonight :0)

Enjoy the Parade.....
Make some memories......
Be Thankful for your family and for THIS DAY....

May all your tummies be full and for heavens sake make sure your britches have elastic! :0)

Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving my dear family and friends.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

And the Winner is...........

Heather over at Eliza Valentine

Congratulations Heather! You've won my Tinkerbell Hair Clippie!

Please reply to my email with your snail mail and I'll get your clippie right out to you the first of the week.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday.........

Happy Halloween

Visit 5 Minutes For Mom for more Wordless Wednesday photos.

Tales from the Scales

Well here I am again. Posting that is :0)
I've actually been here all along since way back in May when I first began. Over the last few weeks my time has been quite limited as my little boy has been hospitalized several times. I'm really sorry I haven't been more supportive but quite honestly my time has been consumed with just keeping him alive.

For the past 2 weeks things have settled a bit. Granted his schedule is still very demanding but through it all I've managed to keep my eyes forward focasing on my goals. During his hospital stays I wasn't able to excercise like I normally do however, I still managed to lose rather than gain. Not huge amounts like when I was excercising but, a loss is a loss and I'll take that any day! :0)

I'm so thankful that I've been able to make it back to they Y and begin swimming once again. Just after 2 days I can already see a difference. I began this little journey on May 22 and to date I have lost 55 pounds and lots of inches. I have been taking pictures along the way but I'm not ready to share those just yet. I still have a long ways to go but I'm still going strong! I'm praying Jophie will remain well enough for me to continue on with what I've grown so accustomed to doing. Not only is swimming my most favorite thing to do but its one of the best excercises not to mention it has become my only reprieve from the stress of dealing with a medically fragile, chronically ill child. I can't even express how much better I feel when I'm able to get just that little 2 hour break.

My hope is that I will be able to pick back up following along and posting on Wednesdays. We big beautiful women do seem to do better in packs afterall! :0)

Good Luck everyone! I wish you a very successful week ahead! :0)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway......

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