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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Productive Day..........

I'm pooooooped....and I'm still not finished

It was gorgeous outside today! Sunny and high 70's....Perfect spring weather

Lora(Jophies nurse) was covering for Tammy and was only able to work till 1:00. She did stay a bit over cause it took forever for me to drag my butt outta bed. She needed my help changing Jophies trach collar/trach care.

I had so many things to do but couldn't decide what to start first. My head was seriously spinning. I finally just started tackling it ALL. Yep thats how I work. It really isn't productive but by the end of a day I've been all over the page and I can see the results! haha

I did 2 loads of laundry. There are 4 loads still waiting on me. It's grown legs and started creeping into the kitchen. Scary! ;0)

I debated hanging them out but really wanted to get my grass cut. Talk about Jophies Jungle! hahaha

I decided the grass was top priority and the laundry could be hung inside which by the way I STILL need to do! The grass was sooooo tall and thick! I knew it was gonna take a long time. It always does the first cut of spring. 3 hours and 15 minutes later it was done! The yard(jungle) won! It beat me up seriously! My mower is not self propelled so you gotta really push it and with all that thick/tall grass it was like pushing against a wall not to mention how many times I killed the motor and had to restart.


My arms are sore from pushing. My right arm is worse from all the tugging on the pull start. I have blisters on top of blisters on my hands and I think my face is sunburned. Ooops! Don't yell Tammy I really did forget the sunblock I did however remember my inhaler! No suckin' wind outta West Virginia on this day! hahahaha

Honestly I love working outside and no matter how sore its a "good sore" knowing you've managed to accomplish what you set out to do......

My freshly mowed yard.......

And thats not even the front, the back OR the other side which by the way is ALWAYS the hardest! It's a very small space compared to the rest of the yard however, the grass on that side is soooooo thick! There is a creek that runs between my house and the neighbors on that side......I'm actually surrounded by the creek on 3 sides. The front is the only spot without the creek. That would be the road side! haha Anyway, that side the creek is more narrow then as it goes on towards the back it widens and deepens. When it rains the narrow side can not hold what rushes off the hillside and it floods out into my yard so that grass is constantly getting MORE than its share of water! When I cut that side I swear that stuff has teeth nashing back at me as I'm cutting it down! haha

I can't show any freshly dried and folded laundry cause its all still in 2 baskets WET! Guess I need to get that hung up before I hit the sack eh? :0)

I still have to clean up the kitchen and try and make some sort of "area" in between all the medical supplies and equipment to have Jophies party! YAY! Tomorrow is party day!

Jophies had a good day. I'm not sure the little guy even slept last night but he's sure made up for it today! He was awake most of the morning and all smiles of course. I gave him his meds then hooked him up to his pump for his feeding. I figured I'd let the pump help me out so I could cut the grass. I took my timer with me and checked on him every time the thing went off making for alot of miles on my little tootsies today!

He's now eating supper and is STILL sound asleep! I predict he's gonna wake up around 3 when its time for his next round of meds and I also predict he'll be all smiles and think its party time! haha

Oh well he can do whatever he wants as long as he's happy and feels good! ;0)

I need to scoot so I do what I can in tonight for the party tomorrow. Anything I can do now will sure make things go smoother tomorrow. The only thing I need to do is pick up the cake and have them blow up his bouquet of balloons. Well and cook of course! I'm firing up the grill and lettin' it do the work ;)

Will post pictures of his party tomorrow!

Trina and Jophie


katy said...

I'm WAITING for pictures! I push mowed Sophies yard for her this afternoon and got a bit sweaty myself.

Lacey said...

Ya I weeded today. I never thought I would be so excited to weed. I'm just so ready for warmth. Yeah!

Trina said...

Me too Lacey! ;)

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