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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Storm?......


Leave it to Ohio to bounce all over the place....

Ice and Snow one minute and days later we're wearing shorts and tee's enjoying 75 degrees and sunshine....Course we are still wading through the muddy/water mess that used to be our yards.

The Storms have passed on by us but the winds remain. I'm sure when I go out tomorrow there will damage to survey or at least leftover remnants of 60-70 mile an hour wind gusts! I just pray Jophie and I stay secured to the ground. Seems our tie downs are only good for 60 and under. Eeeek!

I'm hoping I can get this typed up before the electric decides to flicker again. It's never really stayed off for any amount of time but rather flickers and then occasionally does go completely off then surging on and off for short a time before it settles back down. Our Wind warnings will last till 6 a.m...I just hope we do too. ;0)

Just after the storm passed through I noticed an oddball color outside. Typically we see that ominous greenish/yellow color which almost always has hail followed by more severe weather but, this time it was ORANGE! Sooo very odd! So much so I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. I honestly didn't think I was capturing what I was actually seeing but kept on snapping.

I was talking to one of my close friends Katy who I tend to call during bad storms. I'm really not sure exactly what she could do all the way from her house but, there's just something comforting about knowing someone else is actually listening and experiencing the same thing you are.

Anyway, she was snapping pictures as fast as I was so I'm anxious to see what she was able to capture. For now I'll share what I managed to get! These are really amazing! You can click them to see the full enlarged picture.

Orange Glow after the storm:

Can you spot the Eagle? At least I fairly certain it was an Eagle. I just happened to be snapping pictures and look up and there he was.

And this be our dear friend Boss Hog. :0) We are praying we don't have to use him on this dark windy night but, if we do he's ever so faithful chuggin right along doing his duty to keep us up and running! Those pictures were taken during our Ice/Snow storm which is why there are icicles hangin off him. At the moment we are a muddy soggy wet mess! :0)

I hope everyone avoids all these nasty storms and keeps their lights on! We're sure praying we do!

Hang on its gonna be a blustery ride! :0)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The verdict is in.........

It's official....
The truth be known....
The cold hard facts......

The Black Plague that has taken over my body for the last 5 weeks was in fact....



And the Evil Sugar luvin Critter Disease


THAT was just "A BONUS"
Oh yea that makes it so much better!

And as far as bonuses!

I would get THAT kinda bonus...hahaha

BOTH of which (by the way) were diagnosed by my dear friend Tammy nearly 3 weeks ago which cost me nothing....Nada....Zero.....Ziltch unlike the visit yesterday to my ever so costly specialist sporting those fancy smancy dermatologic letters after her name.

I will say in what is certainly a very rare dermatologist took leave of her senses and took pity on my sorry self giving me a discount on her "5 minute diagnosis" reducing my 100.00 visit to 60.00!

Please don't misconstrue that as being unappreciative. I am truly very thankful to have saved 40.00 however, at the same time I'm still sporting that "head scratch" position as to "WHY" I needed a dermatologist to confirm our suspicions when my dear friend Tammy had already given me this "free diagnosis" and "WHY" said "5 minute diagnosis" costs so much and an even "BIGGER WHY" as to "WHY" this was not caught in the first 3 days when that lovely Acyclovir could have made these last "5 very long nightmarish weeks" so much more bearable ???


I suppose its just a series of unfortunate events that her fancy smancy letters just don't hold enough weight to confirm such diagnosis in the eyes of those with fancier smancier letters after their names....

You know like "MD".....

Oh well I believed you Tammy and once again I'm hearing that ever so familiar phrase coming from you lips also followed by my ever so popular inquiry...

ME: "How'd you know that?"

YOU: "Because I know things" :0)

Now if we could only get you some of those fancy smancy letters after your name that would allow you to write scripts THEN we'd be in business!

**Makes note to self to research further as to how to obtain such fancy smancy letters "without" going to fancy smancy letter school and without breaking any laws that could land said guilty parties in one of those fancy (bars on doors and windows hotels)**


For now I'm feeling MUCH better!

I'm faithfully taking my ever so yummy kids chewable vitamins. Probiotics and benadryl have become my new best friends and the derm with the fancy smancy letters after her name has assured me that all scarring/left over blisters/trails of poison ivy like afflictions will in time disappear and as for the "Bonus" I got with my "By one get one Free Black Plague Affliction"

This too is but a memory in the grand scheme of this Evil Shingle Sugar luvin Critter Saga.

Say that 3 times real fast!

Now if we can just keep those evil sugar luvin critters convinced of this fancy smancy letter diagnosis AND convince that evil Shingle Virus that you are NOT supposed to be visited more than once this momma will be one happy camper!!! ;0)

NOTE: I hate to be the bearer of bad news ....


Shingles do in fact like to come back and "re-visit" their ever so gracious hosts and they do in fact enjoy visiting BOTH sides not to mention "oddball unchartered territories" contrary to the popular belief of MANY "Fancy Smancy letter wearers" ;0)

On a good note the last 5 weeks have really boosted my weight loss quest pushing me just over the 100 pound mark.

Woo Hoo!

Not the best method for weight loss and I certainly don't recommend it.

We do however recommend our Meals 4 Wheels cookbook and support group.

All cookbooks from round one sales have been shipped and should continue to arrive on your little doorsteps or in most cases can be found in those little boxes mounted on metal or wooden posts outside of most residences. Cookbooks can then be found by opening cute little door on said mounted box. :0)

And in the last famous words of a not so famous Kitts Hill resident......

"I sure hope THAT don't spread"
**Blink Blink**

And for those with inquiring minds......


Tonight I start my first Foster/Adoptive class. Finally I'm on the road to renewal. Well this is my second attempt! Lets see if things fall into place this time ;)


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Calm after the Storm...........

The Chronicles of Kitts Hill.....Prince Jophie and I(The Sequal)

The rest of the story as promised or in our case "the rest of the pictures" ;0)

(please click picture if you want to see the enlarged version)

Our frozen Tundra which might actually be pretty aside from that little teensy problem of it being so devastating and crippling to the community......

Major Snow Squalling and at this point its beginning to rain/ice/snow or as we like to say "ricing or snicing" depending on which combination of precipitation happens to be mingling at that particular moment and in our case it was all of the above! ;0)

Again would be so pretty but........

Can you see my "man-made" pond beginning to fill with water or should I say "woman-made"?

And now its beginning to flow and fill beneath my van! It had absolutely nowhere to go except up as in fill R' Up! After clearing the driveway of snow a little edge was left all around which normally is not a problem unless of course it begins to rain and ice in the middle of a snow storm! Ice Skates anyone?

And even in the midst of all the madness......
God sent us a clear reminder that.....

"This too shall pass" ;0)

It was however very short lived! The temps dropped and that once flowing swimming hole was then transformed into a slippery ice skating rink! If you look real close you will see the tire tracks and footprints of the firemen who ever so bravely drove down into that mess and walked errr slipped and slided across the driveway just so they could bring heaters to Jophie and I while the electric was out. We are blessed and truly loved ;0)

More icy/snowy/droopy tree pictures.........

Look close.......Can you spot all the cardinals in the first picture??

Is it a pool or is it a ice fishing pond?

It's gorgeous out today! The sun is shining and I managed to get OUT of my driveway for the fisrt time in weeks yesterday. Now I'm off to take some pictures of what we look like now...
Be back to share that with you soon! You won't believe the difference a few days and sunshine can make! ;0)


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