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Friday, April 17, 2009

Running Away......

And thats exactly what we did Tuesday!

Tammy, the twins and I ran away to WV again. The last time we ran away was when Horton (Hairs of the Who as the twins called it) was playing. We went to the park for a picnic afterwards.

This time was a bit different but fun just the same! For starters it was COLD! Brrrrr......And raining so even more Brrrrrrr......Perfect day for a movie though ;)

We saw this......

It was a cute movie and turns out the little oooooozy fella otherwise known as B.O.B....was my favorite. It wasn't the best I have seen but the girlies loved it as well as the many other kiddos who were there! Turns out WV was having their spring break that week along with the girlies Christian School. We didn't mind the kiddos but I'm STILL having trouble wrapping my brain around how much they charged for those tickets!


I could barely enjoy the movie for thinking of what Tammy had to pay.

I watched the P. Gang Monday evening so Danny and Tammy could go see Natalie Grant so she treated me to the movie! It was so sweet but UGH that price.....We went during matinee which is always cheaper however, it seems they jacked the price up because of spring break and they also jacked it up because it was a (Fwrreeeeee-D) movie as the twins call it ;) They even charged adult ticket pricing for the little ones.....UGH

Sooo...... if you plan on going to the movies at matinee time during spring break and if it just so happens to be in (Fwrreeeee-D) make sure you call ahead to see if they be jackin' up the prices too ;) We know better now and next time if they pull that little stunt we'll be running away to a KY theatre instead ;)

It was too rainy for the park this time so we headed back into Ohio. Tammy had to pay on a layaway so we stopped by K-mart. We headed straight to the clearance aisles! I love a good bargain ;)

I found Jophie some socks for .25 cents a pair. YAY! Now before any of you who have followed me start wagging those fingers and yammering on about how I should NOT be feeding my sock fetish.....I want you to just keep your britches on for a sec while I explain. :0)

It seems that at some point between oh the last year or so Jophies feet have grown as well as his head! OK so I know some of you are like ....

"so whats the big deal about that?"

Well Jophie grows very very slowly and can literally wear clothing/coats/socks/shoes for years.....He JUST grew out of some CWD shorts I had bought him when he was 7 only last summer so that gives you an idea about his body growth. His head really hasn't grown much at all since he was a baby due to his brain damage.

Last week I got out one of my favorite hats of Jophies. It's a little floppy denim fisherman hat that we got him from the beach when he was around 5. It's fit him all these years. We put it on him with everything. I was crushed when I discovered it was too small but only for a second when it hit me that HIS HEAD HAD GROWN!

And then I'm like wait......Has it grown or is it swelled? Regardless its bigger!

How in this world? I have no answer. His soft spot was gone before 6 months. The skull itself fused together which in typically developing kiddos could be dangerous as the brain would have no place to grow and in turn be squashed but, with Jophie there was so much brain damage this was not an issue or anything to worry about. I've racked my brain trying to remember if I could have possibly bought a second hat for a foster child I had living here at the time. The only problem with that is Jophies would have been a smaller hat anyway so even if it was the other childs hat it should be bigger not smaller so out the window went that theory.

Oh well no matter his feet and head are bigger and he needed socks! LOL

My parents gave Jophie money for his birthday and I was able to find some shorts and tees. The shorts were were only 5 bucks and an elastic waist to boot! It's so hard to find shorts(that aren't 30 bucks a pair) with an elastic waist in his bigger sizes so I snatched up the only 2 pair they had left in his size. I also found 2 of the cutest tees which by the way are also hard to find in bigger sizes ;)

My last great find I actually didn't find. Laynie did! She started hollering at me all excited...."Come look!" I go to her and there she stands droooooling with eyes big as saucers.

"It's chooooooocolaaaate" LOL

She had found one of those chocolate fountains. You know the kind where the chocolate flows and you stick pieces of fruit into the chocolate as it flows downward? Well I was thinking there is no way this thing is on clearance. Someone must have put it here right?


We got that 50 dollar chocolate fountain for 12 dollars! Wheeee! I don't know who is more excited. Me or Laynie! LOL

By this time we were running way behind schedule. Our plan was to also hit wally world but we decided to head on home.

I had promised Jophie a happy meal which we forgot to get. Imagine that. :0) Once I left Danny and Tammys I headed into town that is AFTER Danny pushed me outta the mudhole in their yard that I was stuck in! haha

I finally made it home with Jophies happy meal in hand. He had chicken nuggets for supper that night and was one happy little camper ;)

I can't wait till we can run away again. Maybe next time KY? We shall see ;)

P.S.......Thanks for stoppin' in and for your kind words Krista. We love meeting new friends from all over the globe. Stop back anytime! :0)

Trina and Jophie

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Tina said...

Wow sounds like you had a great kids love the chocolate fountain we bought last year...I think yours was more of a bargain though! hugs

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