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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Time!

The Party was a Success!

Jophie felt well from the moment he woke up till the second he was plumb tuckered out ;)

When I got back from town Lora had Jophie all spic and span waitin' on his guests to arrive. He seemed quite content to entertain himself with his balloon bouquet while he waited. He's only half dressed for a reason and it's not because he's still protesting clothes! I think we've finally managed to jump that hurdle for now anways. We hold off on his shirt because he's a MAJOR Droooool Bucket otherwise he'd be drenched before we even begin!

Lora and I managed to sneak in a quick trach change and diaper change just as the Payne Gang were pulling in the driveway! Perfect timing! ;)

Table set and hot dogs grilled....Check!

Let the party begin!

Whaaaat? All this for me? I think I see presents!

I think I smell cake!!

Hey Babe when did you grow up?? haha

I got my eye on you!

All the Payne girlies except one. Meg is away to college. We miss her but at the moment I seem to have more girlies than I can handle! haha

All the girls love me! I just can't seem to keep them off of me!

Now how bout those presents! haha

2 of the people I love the most other than mommy of course! :0)
Danny and Tammy

Oh yea baby! Lay one on me!

And now a little break for some nourishment.

Can you name that food? Hmmmmm?

A hot dog and sauce of course all blended up with mixed fruit juice, an apple/peach wedge and a few pineapple chunks! Wash all this down with a can of Isosource Pulmonary and you have yourself one healthy boy! :0)

Now can we please talk presents????

It was really cute how fascinated he was with the presents. Loras bag was all shiny which kept drawing him in that direction not to mention he KNEW those bags were stuffed with goodies all for him! haha

The sleepy stare.....

You know the one? All kids get "that look" when they are just about to zonk out. Guess its time to wrap things up eh? He lasted about 40 minutes in his chair and thats good enough for me and just long enough for him to enjoy his party. ;)

Ahhh...Now thats much better. You all comfy now Jophie?

One last look at my balloons.....Going

One last smile for mommy......Going

GONE! Sleep well my sweet prince.........

He does this right before he falls asleep and just as he's waking up by the way...Smiling that is....Smiles all around! And I ask you......What more could I
ask for? Hmmmm? I can't think of one thing :0)

All in all it was an awesome day! I can't recall how long its been since Jophie felt well enough to enjoy his birthday let alone participate/interact as much as he has today!

There is one thing I am absolutely certain he knew about this day.
It's all about me! :0)

I'm truly so thankful for the time we've all had together with Jophie today and for
all the memories we will have forever etched in our minds......

Thank you father......

And now its Sunday or rather very early Monday morning.

I really need to scoot and try to get some ZZZZzzzzzz's cause this momma has been a bit green under the gills on this lovely rainy Sunday......

Off to sleepy land I go! :0)

Happy Birthday my sweet 16 boy! Momma loves you ever so much!

Trina and Jophie


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Jophie. A guy after my own heart with the Mickey cake. Mickey is my favorite.
Jax has a mickey button. He's had a 12 french, 1.0 since the button was put in 2 years ago and we never had a problem with it. In Febuary the when they redid his nissen, they put in a 14 french, 1.5. That was way to big and leaked like crazy. Right now its a 14, 1.0. The balloon does pop after only about a week. I used to put the most water in the balloon that it could hold so it wouldn't leak, but his stomach is not very big, and they said I could be popping the balloon, so now I only put 5 cc's in.
I know a lot of brain injury kids have problems pooping, they never give any good ideas. He's on miralax, and we tried mineral oil, but that doesn't help at all, and the miralax doesn't make him go. It just makes it more runny when he does go, and then he's covered in poop.

sarah bess said...

Sounds like a perfect party. What a beautiful child Jophie is! Love the smile before the sleep picture. Awww... You're such a great mom. I feel so much love for Jophie when I read your blog. May God bless your sweet boy with a long life and many happy, healthy birthday parties to come.

katy said...

That is how a birthday should be!

Debbie Jean said...

Looks like he had so much fun!! What a great Mom you are!! God Bless you and Jophie!! Love those sweet smiles.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

krista said...

♪ Happy birthday dear Jophie . . . ♪

MOM2_4 said...

What a wonderful birthday! LOVE all the pictures. Jophie is looking so good.

Hugs & Prayers,

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

From someone who has read your blog for a while, happy birthday Jophie!!

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