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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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Can I just say I HEART my Point of Grace girlies?? They are my all time favorite gospel group. I own every single one of their CD's and listen to them daily! By the Pool. At the computer. In the shower. In the bed. In the van. Everywhere! I never get tired of them. Never....

Now let me just preface by saying.....

  • I am not getting any money for this
  • I am not getting any CD's for this

It's only because I HEART Point of Grace so much that I just had to share this with you!

I'm always on the lookout for anything new from POG. Don't get me wrong I LOVE everything they have put out but like any fan I long for something new.....


Imagine my surprise when I hear that after more than 3 years they are releasing a NEW CD!

Could this rumor possibly be true?? I rushed right over to their website to see for myself.

Squeeeeaaal!!! I could barely contain myself! It was....


I truly meant to post this sooner but no worries! There is still time!

The new CD How You Live IF you pre-order it is ONLY $7.99 folks! Thats not a sample CD but rather a FULL LENGTH CD!

Holy Cow!

That price not only includes the CD but you also get....

  1. A fully autographed copy
  2. Advanced listening online to the whole CD with a special code
  3. AND a chance to win a phone call from POG

Can I just Squeeeeeaaal one more time!??

I've already ordered my copy plus one as a gift for a friend and I can hardly wait! I'm on their sight constantly listening because well....

I just can't wait!

There's not much time left as this ships on 8/28 so walk on over...
No RUN before they run out of copies at this price and we all know that when it hits market the price will most likely be at least double that without all the perks!

For those of you unfamiliar with POG, you can get a little taste of the new CD by previewing "How you Live" set to a touching video and listening to the full version of "All the World".

I just know they will bless your socks off!

Sweet Nectar for the Soul I tell ya.....


One more thing....

Tomorrow night 8/16/2007 .....There will be an online chat LIVE With Leigh to discuss the new CD, the tour as well as answer all your questions .

Don't miss it!

I know I'll be there!


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Trina - I am in awe of you and your beautiful son.

I hopped over here to grab your link (cause you won Elmos' DVD over at my place) and I have been sitting here reading your site for ages, holding back tears and just basically being stunned by you and your son's courage.

May you and your son be blessed BUCKETS both here and in heaven!!!

PS - I would love to spotlight you one day on 5 Min.

Alesha said...

Ooooooo, I like them too! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Hope you guys have a great day!


Elizabeth said...

Here from BooMama's. Thanks for the POG info. Placed my order this a.m. Have a blessed day!

Sara said...

Thanks for the info! I did RUN right to their site, and got my order in!

Qtpies7 said...

Very cool! I'm not big on music, but I know my husband likes them. I'll have to let him know about that price.

I got your comment on the child with the fork in his nose. It is driving me nuts, because I know that I have met them before and I can't figure out who they are! We are both in Minnesota. I am not on any boutique boards.

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