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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Bug Collector.........

We're HOME!

I can't tell you how thankful I am to be home. I'm even more thankful that this little stay only lasted one week. Those 6 month hospital stays are for the bears I tell ya!

Wednesday afternoon around 3-3:30 someone from the PICU came to get Jophie. We wheeled him over and got settled in a room. One of the new PICU docs looked Jophie over to see if she could see any easy access sights for the new PICC line. Unfortunately she was unable to see anything that she felt would warrent a good stick. We decided it would probably be best if we let radiology have a try with all their fancy equipment which helps them see to guide that line right in.

It was nearly time for many of the departments in the hospital to close meaning we would have to repeat this whole process over the next day. Ugh...I was just sick thinking about it. Many things would have to fall into place for this to happen "now" and it became apparent very quickly how much these people love Jophie.

  • The anethesiologist had gone home. (Another one of our new PICU docs said, ("I'll go down and do it!") Did I mention that he's also a Pediatric Anethesiologist??
  • The doctor who normally does procedures of this nature was just leaving. When asked he said, ("I'll stay!")
  • The nurses who normally assist were also leaving. When asked they said, ("We'll stay!")
  • A PICU nurse is normally present as well and when it was mentioned a PICU nurse who happened to just be there said, ("I'll go down and assist!")
They really do love him!

As soon as they took him back I hopped on the elevator and headed back up to the Peds floor to take a quick shower (a much needed one I might add). I figured it would be a bit longer because they usually let him hang out in recovery for about 30 minutes to wake up so I headed back to our room to straighten up a bit. I phoned Tammy(one of my dear friends) to let her know he was in and to pray the procedure went well without complications. Next thing I know I see them wheeling him back into the room! Wow! Thats service with a smile for ya! :0)

They were able to slick that line in very quickly and with no problems at all. I will admit I was a little apprehensive because if you'll remember that last PICC insertion sight looked very angry. I'm happy to report this time it looks much better!

By Thursday morning things we're looking really good for us to come home. The only thing we were waiting on was sensitivities to 2 of his bugs. He is afterall a pretty good little "Bug Collector" wouldn't you say?

The boys gots SkillZ I tell ya! :0)

Late Thursday evening the sensitivities came back and thankfully the Vancomycin and Zosyn would cover them all. Speaking of there were 4 bugs total that he grew.(Just in case you were wondering)

Jophies Bug Collection:

  1. Pseudomonas (He's colonized with this one and becomes active at times.)
  2. Strep Pneumonia
  3. Staphylococcus epidermidis in the blood from the peripheral sight
  4. Staphylococcus Ominus in the blood from the PICC line sight
See I told you he was a skillful little bug collector. :0)

Once we realized that ALL those buggies were covered we were good to go! Tammy called to make sure the plan was still a go then started towards our way. Her hubby was going to drop her off so she could help me load him and ride home with us. This was one of her normal work nights anyway so it worked out perfectly.

It was nearly 11:00 p.m. when we pulled into the driveway. The neighbors met us with a boatload of IV supplies and meds that had been delivered around 5 that evening. I'm so glad they were home to receive these because Jophie needed them immediately when he arrived home. He can NOT miss a dose of either one.

The bugs Jophie has are very dangerous and very capable of killing and believe you me I understand this all too well so please don't misconstrue my humor for ignorance. I only laugh to keep from crying. When it comes to Jophie I've always chosen to accept and face each crisis head on. I've found it much easier to stare these situations right square in the eyes because then I know without a shadow of a doubt, no matter the outcome we're"fighting back" with all our might.

As long as I have breath in my body I will continue to face these monsters head on with him!

Who ya gonna call?!

"Bug Buster"!

Yep! I'm Jophies resident "BUG BUSTER!" :0)

Speakin of.....I just finished up his last round of "Bug Juice" for tonight. The clock says 6:05 a.m. which means I've gained some ground in the form of 1 hour! Oh boy do I ever have to get this drip rate ironed out! Course that little dilemma is gonna have to wait for another day because this "Bug Buster" is still running on very little sleep.

Stay tuned for "Bug Juice" part II!


Alesha said...


So glad that you are home! Praise the Lord for the folks at the hospital there that are so caring to you both. That is priceless!

Yay! for a good-looking PICC site. Yay! for helpful neighbors. Yay! for caregivers that are compassionate and helpful and ready to serve!

I'm hoping you get some GOOD rest and then get that drip rate figured out. :-)

Much love,

melody is slurping life said...

I know you're more than happy to be home. Thank God for the doctors, nurses and technicians who stepped up to help Jophie.

I understand when you say you have to approach it all with humor. Though the majority of my boys' special needs are in the form of behavioral issues and require no where near the care of Jophie...I'd never make it if I didn't laugh at life. But there are those days you have to cry, aren't there? I did smile about the term "Jophie's bug collection".

Hope you're managing a little sleep now and then. My prayers for Jophie and you continue. :)

Tammy and Parker said...

Yea! for being home! Parker's on the Vanco too. We're doing lot of bug juice at our house right now also.

But better at home than at the hospital!

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