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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lovely accomodations.......

I'm not complaining mind you. But lets be honest here.

  • First and foremost we are here which sucks to begin with.
  • We are NOT looking at the waves splashing on the sand from our ocean front condo.
  • We are however looking at 4 "plain walls" aside from a Noahs ark border up top.
  • 1 window facing a "brick wall"....lovely
  • Unpredictable climate control. I will say I'd rather be too cold than too hot.
  • The "new and improved" sleep chair which may be more pleasing to the eye but it sure is lacking in the back department. One word.......chiropractor.
  • The rooms are small.....really small. We're talking the walls are closing in small.
  • The food. OK what hospital food is good? I do know of one but it aint this one which tends to favor serving "mystery meat" which at times suspiciously resembles road kill or possibly the cat I saw walking about the parking lot? Nah I only jest.....Really :0)

The good news is.....The new wing is scheduled to open next month. A childrens hospital within a hospital! How cool is that! All the rooms will be private and rumor has it a shower in each room. Wheee! Of course with our luck they will just wheel these horrid new sleep chairs right on over. You know they will. LOL

It truly is going to be so nice. Pediatrics, PICU, and NICU will all be together with each gaining a few rooms/beds. This jump in size should also bump it to a level 1 treatment center. They've also hired a child life specialist which I've always thought they needed especially for the kids in the cancer wing. The other thing we are hearing is a second ER will be opening which will serve only kids. WOW! Do we ever need that. I do know they moved the old ER to a diff. location in the building so now I'm wondering if they will be using the old ER for the kids? I guess we shall see.

It probably seems kinda crazy to be excited about all the new additions but when you spend as much time here as we do additions like this can help make what is not so fun at least a bit more tolerable.

Ok onto Jophie news. His labs finally coughed up a clue for us. He grew klebsiella and strep in his urine. Lovely. He is now being treated with Rocephine which is sensitive to both of these bugs. The good news is he does very well on Rocephine and always seems to respond very quickly to it. After just a few doses I could already see improvement. I pray it continues to work and more importantly kills it completely!

The tentative plan is to repeat chest X-rays again in the a.m. and by that time the cultures that were re-drawn to just double check should all be doing hopefully "nothing". His last 2 chest X-rays did show a right lower lobe pneumonia but the last one showed improvement in airation so thats good news. We are hoping this new one in the a.m. will show even more improvement. IF all goes well and nothing new shows up the plan is to transition the IV Rocephine to something oral so we can go home on it which means so far he doesn't have to get another PICC line. Yay! More good news.

He continues to have diarhea and his little bum is still so raw/bloody. He also acts as though his tummy is still bothering him. He has TONS of gas/bloating/cramps etc......This all started around 3 weeks ago which was also about a week into the Vanc and Zosyn IV therapy. I'm assuming this is still in relation to that and as his body heals will resolve itself. Regardless, we need to pray about this because it indeed is a problem on many levels. I just hope I can keep up with his fluid demand once he is no longer getting IV maintenance fluids. Oh and the C-diff continues to test negative which is still more good news. :0)

Ok gotta scoot....

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. We appreciate your dedication and commitment as you go before the throne in Jophies behalf.

P.S.....I haven't forgotten to share "our little adventure" to the hospital. I just wanted to save it for when I have time to sit and write it all out proper like. :0)

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Alesha said...

not much time before work - just wanted to say I'll be praying, Trina!!!!

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