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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Day Weight Loss Challenge---Week 3

Well my scales are WONKY! I know I've lost weight and my best quess is around 3 pounds maybe? Ugh I just hate these scales. By counting the little black dashes I'm able to keep track of pounds sort of but as far as poundage I just have no clue. I used to think they were off by about 5-7 pounds but according to the scales at my doctors office, they are "waaaaaay off"
I have another doctors appointment next Monday and I'll know for sure then but, for now I'll just watch the little black lines.

I guess my next venture will be to find some decent scales. I'm still tossing up digital verses your standard dial. The digital I have heard are pretty accurate and are probably the best choice however, those dial scales are affordable and the best part you can lean a little this way or that and VOIILA! Lost a pound! LOL
I'm only joking even though you "really can" do that. :0)

Now I'm off to try and burn a few more calories to top off this day!

Good luck everyone!

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