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Friday, June 1, 2007

Grillin' and Chillin'

I Heart my grill. I'm a grillin maniac and will grill most anything at anytime and yes, I even grill in the winter. My grill isn't anything fancy but I like to think I've mastered the technique. According to my friends and all their little rugrats, I am the "Grill Queen!" All I need now is an apron telling me so.

Now imagine my excitement as I'm watching the food network and see that next week will be a week "Chalked full of GRILLIN!" Ahhhh! I'm giddy with excitement just thinking about it! Did I mention I also "Heart" the food network?? What better way to spend my week than glued to the tube watchin my favorites. Paula Dean, Emerill, Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay! Bobby Flay is the "grill master" in my book. He taught me everything I know. :0)

At the moment my biggest problem is keeping my grubby paws outta the fridge. All I need to do is make it just a few more minutes and I can hit the sack. I guess the food network was a bad choice to entertain me as I finish up the last of Jophies tube feed and meds.

Ten minutes later and I've nearly made it and the best part....I've only consumed 5 fat free zestas and a little snort of water to boot. Not too shabby since Emerill is just about to push me over the edge with his grillin' skills! Drooooooool!

Finally! Its 5 bells and I'm finished! Time to get some rest for this weary body.

And Trina was nestled all snug in her bed, while visions of "Grilled Meat" danced in her head!


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The Preacher's Wife said...

Can I ask an enormous favor of you?? I also love my grill but need some recipe inspiration!

What is your favorite grill recipe?? Will you share it with us? :))



Katrina said...

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- Katrina
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Rodrigo said...
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Lisa M. said...

Thank you for visiting my blog tonight, and offering me suggestions for my son, I appreciate the detail and in site.

I also love to grill- and have recently discovered grilled fresh pineapple. Now I crave it and fix it frequently.

Again- thank you-

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