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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Picture Book.......

The past few weeks have been very busy. We've made tons of memories and the weeks have been packed with loads of fun and the best part....

Jophie has felt well! :0)

Because I've gotten so behind on all the happenings around here and due to my very limited time, I thought I'd catch ya'll up with our very own Picture Book with captions! I did leave out one very important event however, because of the impact it had on us, I wanted to share that story in a post all by itself. So, keep your eyes open and watch for the story about
"Our Unexpected Retreat" :0)

For now here's us for the the past few weeks!


Big Sandys Arrival with the bulk of Jophies Make A Wish Goodies...

Big Sandy Corporate Office made the banner you see on the back of the truck for him to keep.

Big Sandy Managers and Delivery Dudes

Big Sandy Managers and Jophies thoughts on the matter

Installer Dudes

Big Sandy Brought Balloons! LOTS of them and each bouquet is attached to the cutest Stuffed Snowman! :0)

I just liked this picture that Jophies Aide Katy took! :0)

Big comfy, smooshy Theatre chairs

The Theatre and YEP! Its The Waltons! LOL

Jophies first look at his Big Screen

Make a Wish delivers the rest of his Wish and here's Jophie with the "Local" MAW lady Pat. At this point he was getting uncomfortable and needing to lie down....See how hes arching and pushing back?

OK lady...Just give me the goods and BE GONE...LOL

Lots of Movies and his MAW T-shirt and Badge

The Cotton Candy Machine

He also got 5 authentic Movie Posters! They are so coool and we look forward to hanging those once we can find some affordable framing. And so the Frame hunt continues! :0)

Is she gone yet?

Ahhh...Finally...Sweet Slumber:0)

Watchin "The Jungle Book" AND So many decisions!

Watching "The Movie"

Watching "The Christmas Tree"

The Movie wins this day :0)

The Jungle book IS FUNNY!

And has good music...La La La La

Ohhh....Kaa is a scarrrry snake. Don't eat Mowgli!

No Worries though! Mowgli just bops ole Kaa on the head! BOINK! Do it again Mowgli! That was funny!

Big comfy chairs are also good for sleeping :0)


And now A lesson on "How to eat Cotton Candy"

This may take some time to figure out :0)

OK so I have it the right direction now

Smells Strangely familiar

Tastes strangely familiar

This might just be a good thing

It's" coming back to me!

Oh yea Baby!

This sure is hard work...I think I need a little nap

But its just so good...

Ah me thinks the sugar is giving me my second wind!

This just might require 2 hands!

This is the life!

Thank you Mommy :0)

And Thank you Make A Wish!

The Big Smooshy Chairs are also good for takin great pictures because my new Smooshy chairs keep me from falling over :0)

Merry Christmas!

And last but not least....

My cute little Christmas PiggyToes! :0)

And that my dear family and friends has been us for the past few weeks :0)


akconklin said...

Oh, yay, Yay, YAY!!!!!! I'm so glad Jophie is feeling well and enjoying his new theater! It is awesome and I'm telling you - those chairs look incredible!!! The pics are amazing of him, Trina. We are having the worst time trying to get a good pic of Isaac this Christmas. He has both front teeth out and we want a "smiling" pic so much! The only one we have so far he's asleep! So, we may just go with that.

I'm so glad you all are doing well. I've missed hearing from you. And I can't wait to hear about your retreat! I'm all aflutter with excitement!


tina said...

fantastic..Ijust love the blue tongue!

He looks so happy and so well!

loads of love to you both!

Tia said...

Perfect! Now I want the candyfloss too!


Tammy and Parker said...

My heart is just singing for you guys!

Momo Fali said...

I am positively thrilled you posted these pictures! I can't stop smiling!

Mama Bear June said...

Make a Wish is such an amazing organization. Everyone involved is such a blessing to MAW families. I'm thrilled for you both and pray for many more healthy, happy days.

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