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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Here.........Barely

Seems a bullet kinda post is in order......

  1. Upgraded Norton to 360(Can I just say its evil?) Crashed my computer big time and only after I ripped that thing from my computer have I been able to get back to a somewhat normal web surfing existance.
  2. Jophies doing well aside from his normal "ups and downs" and steroid monster withdrawls.
  3. Rain did finally let up for a time then back again with a vengence flooding us the last 2 times.
  4. We've had quite a few storms with one causing a tree to fall on my house! (No real damage and once again local volunteer fire fighters came to Jophie and my rescue!) :0)
  5. It's been unseasonably chilly for our area this time of year....Very nice evenings in the 50's and 60's. Great for weenie roasts but not so great for day time swimming. Pool temps have been pretty chilly. Hoping for he sunshine to bring those temps back up soon before summers gone!
  6. Puppy sat for the Payne Gang while they vacationed. Have some adorable pics of Jophie and the puppy but will have to be another day.
  7. Tons of pics to post but yet again will have to wait till another day when I have more time.
  8. Hired a new nurse FINALLY! She's wonderful and a perfect fit. More on her later.
  9. State Budget cuts have finally bit into us. As of the phone call I placed yesterday we will not be getting paid for July and no idea when if ever again. I'm to call back first part of August to see if they know what the budget is even going to be. This is NOT our dept. of Job and Familes causing this but rather OUR GOVERNMENT. In fact try wrapping your brain around this. Dept. of Job and Family workers have been asked to work for FREE for an indefinite amount of time. Yep! you read it correctly and you know what? They ARE in fact working FOR FREE because they don't want to abandon any clients who might possibly be without food or shelter. There are even daycare workers that work through the Dept. and Job and Families who are also agreeing to work for FREE just so the childrens parents don't lose what jobs they have. All I can say is God bless them and God help us all.
  10. Still going round and round with wheelchair dude about Jophies wheelchair that we began working on when he was 14 1/2! He's 16 now folks and coming out of this chair! Grrrrrrrr!
  11. No surprise here but more items have been cut and or limited by Medicaid. Great! More to pay out of pocket with our income that we are not getting.
  12. Just to clarify...As of June we were still getting a partial check for Jophie. The other portion there are no funds to cover it. Come August we "may or may not be getting the State portion and more than likely will not be getting the county portion"
  13. Working on Fall/Halloween Kooky hats. Will be posting those soon in Jophies fundraising section as well something new and adorable! Gonna make you wait on that ;)
  14. Cookbooks are still available as well as Loving Jophie wristbands. We have a decent stock left of both which can also be found in his fundraising section.
  15. Gearing up and planning for Jophies 4th annual Fall Fundraiser which as you now know is needed more than ever this year.
  16. Still needing new wheels to transport Jophie. Again let me clarify. We are not looking for new but rather a wreck to be fixed up or a decent used vehicle.
  17. Managed to get Jophie out in the warm sunshine today. Lora and I tackled that mop on his head along with a mani and peti. Yep! He got the works! He lasted outside on the deck for an hour which is great for Jophie these days ;)
  18. Lots going on coupled with lots of stress.......
  19. Lots of prayer needed

Be back soon......

Hanging by our toenails ;)

Trina and Jophie


Tina said...

sending lots of love and hugs and assuring you of our prayers

Lacey said...

I'm hanging right there next to you by my toenails. I was just telling another friend that all of us moms of medically needy kids to to go to congress and demand help. Its ridiculous that we all have to go broke and lose our houses when we have kids like this.
Praying for us both right now, that we make it through still sane.

Tia said...

Oh Trina.

I'm so sorry. So senseless; how much more would it cost if they had to fund Jophie in a nursing home or hospice? You must be frantic.

Also so sorry my Internet is still down and I have no msn right now. Praying hard
love, Tia

Shari said...

I have been wondering about you. I am so sorry this stuff is happening. I am assuring you that I pray for you and Jophie regularly.

M.E. said...

Got your cookbook - not much help but still something. Lots of good thoughts.

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