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Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm pooooped..........


Mentally and Physically

You get the idea........

We've had sooo much rain lately that it's been next to impossible to get the grass cut. It seriously had turned into a jungle......Today I managed to wrangle that jungle into submission. It only too 4 1/2 hours. Usually it takes me about 1 1/2 hours which gives you an idea of how out of control that mess was........I'm sooo glad to have that taken care of. At least I can mark one thing off my list.....

There's so much going on that I honestly have no clue where to even begin or end. I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around some things let alone actually yanking it from my brain to here...

We still haven't gotten paid....I was supposed to have heard something today but was unable to get in touch with the person who "supposedly" has that information. I'll try again tomorrow.

Have I mentioned lately how much our government sucks right now? Maybe its only been the walls who've been hearing my ranting and raving? No matter it's still a mess and we're right in the thick of it all.....

I'm not comfortable just yet with telling all but soon if things turn out as we fear this momma is gonna be spewing like Old faithful!

I'm eating bacon by the way......Random

Random is my life lately....I'm seriously all over the board. Good luck following me....LOL

Jophie is doing well.......All smiles as usual with only a few of his normal little "blips" along the way..... Soon we have to do another steroid reduction. I dread it like always and have been putting it off...Bad Momma...I just hate hate seeing that Roid Rage! It's evil I tell ya just plain evil but, we have to muddle through the madness to get to the good on the other side......It's so worth it :0)

Jophie hasn't had much outdoor time bacause of our funky weather. We're hoping that's gonna change soon. We have a Little Tykes sprinkler ball we are dying to let him try. Water is such a "no no" but he loves it so much and I think we've covered all the bases to prevent anything from going wrong. Now bring on the sunshine!

Jophie hangin' out under our little shade tree......

Look how relaxed he is....

He loved it under that shade tree. You'd be surprised how tiny that thing is if you could actually see it in real life. It sure gives a lot of shade though! He could have stayed out longer but it was time for Lora to leave.

Jophies 4th annual Fall Fundraiser is coming up. I'm really excited about the whole thing as it's completely different than what we normally do.

We are having a Hog Roast/Fun day! It's set tentatively for Sept. 19th. The venue is pretty certain but we are just waiting on a verbal on that one. I'm working on the flier but still need that venue before they can go to print.

So far we have The Hog Man who will be roasting the hog and making all the food. The Hog has been donated. We have inflatables donated. We have tables/chairs donated. We have Port-a-Potties donated and you know you gotta have those! :0) We have a ginormous tent donated. We have 2 sheet cakes donated. We have one "very well known" place donating but I can't say what that is just yet.

There is also going to be Horse shoe and Corn Hole Tournements. A softball game. Games for the little ones/Face painting as well as the inflatables. Lots of yummy food! Pulled Pork Sandwiches/Brown/White Beans/Cornbread/Hot dogs & Sauce/Pop/Sno-Cones/Cake/Cupcakes along with other deserts. We hope to have balloons but we're still working on that one. Anyone locally have connections that could help there?

We also need themed baskets for auction/raffle. Lots of them. So far we have one from England coming(Thanks Tia!) One coming from Texas(Thanks Naomi!) One more I can't mention just yet. The good thing is we have several weeks to gather these as well as the other needed items.

We're waiting on phone calls back on a few things and have a bazillion more to make. Lora and I are going to sit down tomorrow and make our lists. "DONE" and "NEEDS DONE" and/or "Waiting to hear back"

We are going to need help as in "bodies" to help with the games/Inflatables/organization ect...You get the idea. I'll be able to take some pictures but Jophies nurses and I will be all swapping off taking care of him throughout the day/evening so someone taking pictures would be ever so helpful.

If you would like to help be it here locally, from afar, Providing a themed basket, Donating a desert, Donating any of the items we are still needing(I will post that list as soon as we get it organized), Any connections you may have to help with needed items/donationse ect.....Please just toss me an email at or for those who have my number just phone me. I am quite busy with Jophie so I will be adding contact info of others who are close to us and will be helping.

One thing to keep in mind. If you are local and plan to help or stop by please do keep in mind that Jophie is VERY IMMUNE COMPROMISED and visitors are VERY limited. Visitors with ANY COLD SYMPTOMS or illness at all are NOT permitted to come in. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but Jophies life depends on me following these very strict guidlines.

Did I mention the best part yet? The whole Hog Roast/Fun Day Benefit is FREEEEEE!

Yep! You read that right its FREEEEE! We will be taking donations at the entrance so all donations are appreciated but no worries if you are unable to donate. You just come right on in and have fun! :0)

One more thing to talk about.....

I have a few "new" things to add to Jophies donation section as well as a "Jophies Closet". (More on that later.)

For now I have these......

Blankie Buddies...Holiday Themed for starters



These are infant/toddler size at around 10 inches perfect to snuggle with and small enough to drag along in the carseat. I am working on a larger size for the school age child. The twins are 7 and actually loved them and would have taken them home in a heartbeat if given the chance.

If you are interested the infant/toddler blankie buddies are $12.00 Each plus shipping. You can use the donation button in the side bar. Please include "Blankie Buddie" as well as which one you would like with your order.

A quick thank you to those who have purchased cookbooks and a special thank you to Louise. You know what its for and although Thank you seems so inadequate it's truly from my heart. I'd like to thank all the "Little Elves" who seem to be leaving elf prints all over my house. Me thinks they are working overtime as Christmas is still a ways off ;) More to come on the "little Elves" saga.. :0)

Id like to also thank all my friends and family who have prayed for us and just offered a shoulder during these trials. Please do continue as it's still a very scary and uncertain time. I try not to dwell too much on it but reality tends to slap you square in the face totally ruining my Narnia vacation. Yep! I do often look in the closet for Narnia! :0)

And with that this momma needs to go. Lots to still do before my head can even think about hitting the pillow....

Trina and Jophie


Shari said...

Trina: I hear you and you are a tired lady! I wish I was closer in proximity to possibly help you all. Where are you that it's raining so much? It is so HOT here it's unbelievable. We live in central Oregon and it's in the 100s for the next couple of weeks. Out of character for here. I love Jophie's smile. It's infectious. I have a donation for your shindig. Email me at and we can discuss it further.

Lacey said...

Your in Ohio? For some reason I was thinking you were in Northern California. I hear you with the exhaustion, man, my house is a disaster, and headaches are a constant right now.
How great the fundraiser will be, I wish I could be there.

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