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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sooo Patient...........

My little guy that is..........

Sleeping soundly oblivious to the nourishment hitting his little tummy......

Waiting ever so patiently for me to finish what Tammy and I started earlier today.

His hair has been cut
His hair has been washed
He's being fed and has been medicated for now.....

He still needs to be bathed
He needs dressed
His teeth need brushed
He needs shaved
His bed needs sheets

I have all these things lying out and ready yet my little guys snoring away :0)

It is raining STILL which does tend to me him sleeeeepy! It makes me sleep too. We neeeeeed some saratonin! Bring on the sunshine! :0)

Tammy left for the day around 2. We have no nursing this weekend aside from Tammy slipping in for a quick trach change prolly sometime Saturday. Lora won't be back from vacation till the 18th.

Next week is sooo busy with Tammys schedule because of end of the school activities so she will be limited as to how much she can help. We will be uncovered for 2 days for sure. I'm thinking this momma is gonna be one tired pup come the 18th! :0)

I'm hoping this weekend proves to be productive as I have Sooo many things to do.

Laundry is coming to life and creeping into other rooms of the house
My bathroom needs cleaned
My bedroom needs cleaned
Living room/Jophies room needs cleaned and disinfected
Patterns need cut out and final design drafts need to be completed for ALL 3 outfits

At least the grass is cut and the dishes are done and Jophie is well! :0)

We continue with the steroid reduction. The last drop was on the 18th of April. I just lowered him by another 1/4 today. Now we wait for 2 weeks to see how he does.
I honestly doubt we can get him back to his old maintenance but, the way I look at it....
Anything below what he is on now is an improvement AND, more imporantly it gives him more room to go UP in a crisis.

The blenderized diet is working its magic as Jophie continues to magically deposit surprises for us ON HIS OWN. YAY!

Todays menu:
Breakfast: Oatmeal, strawberries, Vanilla Soy Milk (120 mls)
Lunch: Spaghetti, Chicken, mush melon, carrots, Toast, Blueberry/Pomegrante Juice(120 mls)
Supper: Chicken sandwich, Green beans, mandarin oranges, mush melon, Mandarin Orange juice, Blueberry/Pomegrante Juice (120 mls)
3 cans Isosource 1.5 with each meal (750 mls)
Sterile Water Infusions (600 mls)

Todays Meds:
Albuterol Neb Treatment X 2
Intal Neb Treatment X 2
Flovent X 2
Klonopin X 4
Tegretol X 4
Cortef X 4
Zofran X 2
Prevacid X 1
Carafate X 4
Benadryl X 1
Ativan X 1
Triple Antibiotic X 1
Zinc X 1
Immunity Booster X 1
Probiotic X 1
Seeee how patient he has to be? I'm so glad he's so sweet and forgiving ;)

And I'm off!
Jophie calls or rather his timer is heralding me :0)

P.S.....If you have Direct TV HBO and C-Max is open this weekend. It's actually open now. It started this morning early and goes through Sunday.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Trina and Jophie


Lacey said...

I'm tired just thinking about it. I thought Jax was bad, but he's still little. I bet when he gets older I will need someone to come over to help out.
Ok, I'm going to bed, you made me tired. LOL.e

Anonymous said...

Dear Mommy,
I know I have been keeping you busy. It makes me tired just watching you take care of me. It's almost Mothers day and I have been sneaking around a bit while you were napping. When you get time you need to check the mailbox. It isn't much (I don't have any way of making much money here in the house,) but its something to show you I appreciate what you do.

katy said...

Good morning Trina...Happy Mothers Day!
Looks like Jophie has been a sneaky ilttle boy. You are going to have to do something about him sneaking around like that (=;

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