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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Partner in Crime?.........

Seems my sneaky little boy has more than one partner in crime! :0)

More pretty flowers...

See this lamp?

Lora bought that for us at Christmas among many other things. There are tons of things daily we have to do for/to Jophie and no matter how many lights I turned on or how many blinds/curtains I opened we could NEVER see! Course I guess it could just be me? Regardless it was maddening so she bought that lamp prolly to shut me up more than anything! LOL

It's a simple lamp really....... Nothing fancy yet turns out it's real handy! Puts off loads more light than you could imagine and absolutely PERFECT for trach changes and all those medical procedures at Jophies bedside.

Wellllll.......That got me to thinking how much I REALLY REALLY needed MORE of those lamps especially one by my chair. Once again I guess I must have whined a little "too much" about how I just couldn't see to crochet or draft patterns or or or......

Enter exihibit B or rather Lamp number 2 :)

YEP! Jophie and his second partner in crime turns up with those flowers AND this handy dandy lamp! I'm soooo excited bout my little lamp. Now to finish up those boutique orders so I can start on my "super secret" crochet project. :0)

And who might that second partner in crime be?

None other than Tammy of course :0) I would link her blog and she does have one BUT, other than a picture she's not written one word so I guess this will have to do! LOL

Yep we are loved....

Trina and Jophie

1 comment:

Junior said...

awww how sweet of Jophie and his partners in crime. We have that same kind of lamp and it is does put off lots of light.

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