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Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're gonna get buried!

Snow and Ice that is! Omgosh! It's coming! Monday night! Quick hide!

You reckon that will work? Hiding that is?

I doubt it but at this point I'm willing to try anything.

I need a list for Monday!

  1. Salt!
  2. Gas!
  3. Fill Generator!
  4. Hot Chocolate!
  5. Little Tiny Marshmallows!
  6. Bobs Peppermint!

Toilt paper, bread and milk! I don't really need these. I guess I just got caught up in the moment of our little towns peoples "freak out and buy all the toilet paper, milk and bread when the weather decides to spit backwards mode" :0)

OK I'm off to do something.....anything!

Don't Panic! OK?



katy said...

I'm going to keep working on the assumption that our weather guys aren't right....again. It's called denial and I work well with it.

Tia said...

LOL you forgot chocolate, don't ever forget the chocolate!

Hope your weatherbug is wrong and your weather is boring.

Alesha said...

LOL...sounds like the panic that hits Florida when there's a named storm in the Atlantic or the Gulf!!!

Only here it's water, not milk. Milk would never survive and we can't just sit it outside to keep it cold. ;-)

I pray it's not too bad...but if the rest of the country is any indication, I won't be surprised if you do get buried.

Think warm least your heart will stay cozy!


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