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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bite the Bullet......

Not literally but how bout a bullet post with the promise of a more detailed update and "give it my best effort" to have more current updates for 2009

I'll do my best! ;0)

  1. Christmas was nice. Friends surrounding us with tons of love and making sure Jophie had all he needed and making sure I felt a little love too. ;0) Jophie was well and to me thats the best gift of all.
  2. A new nurse is in our future. Now if we can just get the paperwork started.
  3. Foster/adoptive parenting classes start on January 27th. I really want to attend these. This will be my second attempt in the last couple years to get recertified. Now to get that evening nurse in place so I can go and keep Jophie well!
  4. MRDD blessed us with some end of the year funds that needed used up. Not cash but rather supplies. We chose trachs. Now we have a "little stash" Thank God
  5. Appalacian Families and Children also had some extra funding that needed used up. Guess what we chose for that? A brand spankin new Hoyer Advance lift! The cadillac version! Again...Thank God!
  6. Feburary will be 5 months I've been waiting for the state to pay me what they shorted me. Yep still waiting on that.
  7. We have a fungus among us and Jophie shared! Yep! We both be faithfully taking our Diflucan. Be gone yeasty beasties! Itch Itch Scratch Scratch
  8. The cookbooks are on their way to my house! Delivery date is Tuesday! Yay! We'll get right on shipping those out once they arrive ;0)
  9. Round 2 of Meals 4 Wheels will be launching shortly after I get the first batch mailed. Seems all the fat and sassy folks are wanting some help after their holiday binging! We aim to please! ;0)
  10. Kooky seems to be the theme in this house lately. Hats that is and Kooky they are! Adorable but Kooky. Wait till ya see the pictures of my twin nieces wearing theirs. Who knows you might want one for yourself. I think I could be pursuaded to make a few. For Jophie ;0)
  11. The state is considering cutting adoption assistance. Read that one more time cause your eyes aren't blurry. Yep we may lose our only source of income. We have a meeting with the commsioners on Monday at 9:30 a.m. They are not making the final decision. Our governor is however, they have the power to draft a letter to the govenor on our behalf. Pray for my friend and I that we can impress on them the impact this will have. Pray they will see how devastating this will be.
  12. The New Year is hear. It's scary and theres no gettin around it! I prefer jumping in head first anyways!

    Happy 2009!
    Hang on! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!
    Trina and Jophie


Tia said...

busy busy busy as ever!

Alesha said...

yay, a Jophie post today!!! I love it when you update (but that is not meant to cause any pressure on you to post more often!)

Thank God for the "extra" funds, trachs and that Hoyer Lift! Whoo-Hoo!

Let us know when the 2nd round of cookbooks will begin, so we can post in on our blogs again. (I also need to get my own...DUH!)

Your state cutting adoption funding - ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!! I can't believe they would even consider that. Freaks me out a little, too. If one state gets away with it, others will quickly follow suit in this economy. YIKES! I'll be praying for wisdom for you all as your prepare your letter.

We're facing possible hip surgery. DARNIT! Still considering our options at this point.

Yep, this year is going to be something else, I'm afraid. But I'm trying to "be not afraid!" - we do know the Master of it all, don't we?

Thanks for updating.

Love to you both,

Doorless said...

I am glad that you were able to get some very necessary things. I pray that the adoption fuunds do not get cut! How can they possible think that that will help! Keep us posted.
Get rid if the yeasty beasties! UGH! Glad Jophie is doing well.
Cokbooks coming let us all knoe=w . I still need to order one.

Tina said...

So glad to see a post from you. You and Jophie are in our prayers often.
Glad to readthe positives Jophie well for Christmas is great news...long may that continue.

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