Be Joyful in hope, Patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the Jungle......

The mighty Jungle.......

The meeting went very well. All were very receptive and compassionate. They even prayed before they started the meeting. How bout those apples?? ;0)

The commisioners will all be drafting a letter in our behalf. All were in agreement and came out of the meeting so much more aware of what its like to be Jophie.

Our director of Child Protective services had called by the time I arrived home on another matter. We also spoke extensively on some issues as well as the immediate adoption assistance saga. He too came out of our little talk with more of an understanding.

Do we know anything definitive yet? No
Do I feel more at ease? Somewhat

If anything all parties concerned are just a bit more aware of what is actually going on behind these walls. At this moment we are still getting paid and for that I'm very thankful. I am hopeful the commisioners will be able to convey the urgency of this situation to our govenor. I pray he will see how devastating this would be not only to us but to many if he chooses to cut adoption assistance.

For now.....
The Lion Sleeps Tonight or should I say Dragon for those who know us well? ;0)

How good would it sound to sing......

In the jungle the mighty jungle the dragon sleeps tonight?? ;0)

And with that this momma is going to hit the sack!
Good night all......

P.S. Pleeeease pray these yeasty beasties away!
If you feel so inclined to pray about such things ;0)


Tina said...

So hope the adoption assistance keeps coming.
Praying for you as always!
And go away yeasities bugs!
Much love

Tia said...

Glad the meeting went well - hope it brings results

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