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Monday, January 26, 2009

Calm before the storm.......

The Chronicles of Kitts Hill.....Prince Jophie and I
11:30 p.m. --- DAY 1

It's earily quiet out there with less than 2 hours before this nasty winter storms arrival.

UPDATE: 1:30 a.m....
And so it begins.....Early and NOT snow but ICE! UGH!

3:45 a.m......

Now it be snow! Snow is much better than ice but I fear I haven't seen the last of the ice......

8:10 a.m.... 1/27/09

STILL snowing...At this point we are getting one inch per hour! I'm so thankful its still snow. Look close and you can see a truck trying to make its way up an almost non-existant road. Snow plows and salt trucks are coming through non-stop. Now stay away ice storm! One is enough for anyones lifetime ;0)

11:00 a.m. 1/27/09--DAY 2

2 hours later and its cleared off! I still couldn't escape just yet however, I am at least down to gravel now ;0)

11:30 a.m....Taking a little stroll and photo op..


Snow Drifts come to my hip....

Just to give you an idea of how deep...

Jophies swing is disappearing! Eeek!

OK so THIS can't be good. Was it that bad when I first started clearing snow? Hmmm? Me thinks not! I best be getting back up the deck cause I fear its switched over to a not so nice glaze of ice! Eeeek again!

I did make it back to the house in case your wondering however, not before doing my best impersonation of "Bambi on ice"! I did however manage to save my camera!! It's all about the important things ya know...
Moan..Moan...Oh yea I be sore today!

After licking my wounds and after many hours passed which does tend to make one "forget" just how dumb it was to get stuck OFF the deck with snow that decides to instantly turn into a lovely frozen liquid unlike that yummy flavored icy liquid otherwise known as a slushie, this glaze makes it virtually impossible to return to the warmth of your cozy house unscathed or at the very least makes it possible to show off to your neighbors your "MAD SKILLZ" as to how well you can impersonate yet again "Bambi on Ice"

Although the matinee showing was a huge success I elected to skip the evening showing of the sequal..."Bambi on Ice 2" much to the dismay of all my anxious neighbors.....

This time I was very cautious keeping one foot firmly planted on my oh so stable and not the least bit slick living room floor while I ever so gingerly "just peeked" out my front door. This was sometime between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m as to which time exactly I seemed to have lost track as one day begins to stretch into another...It was still coming down as freezing rain and leaving my deck a shiny icy mess.

1/29/09 -- DAY 3 ----A NEW DAY

It's now 8:40 a.m. and I'm just just getting ready to start Jophies a.m. meds and tube feeding. After I get him settled I'll venture out and survey the damage. Well I'll "test the decks stability FIRST" haha...
It's not over by the way. The ice is still coming down but it's spose to warm up so it can SNOW SOME MORE! More snow removal is on my agenda today it seems but the good news...
Yes! there is some afterall! When the snow dumping ends and I manage to clear that driveway AGAIN....I will actually be able to add salt this time! Yay! Gonna post some aftermath pics later on today!

For all those who have been praying for us..Thank you! We felt your love and so far we've managed to keep our electric and stay toasty warm. Jophie of course has no clue anything is amiss other than the moans and groans coming from his momma as she hobbles and wobbles past him rethinking that "Bambi on Ice" adventure and how DUMB it was to not realize that "WET STUFF" soaking my head/clothes/shoes was not just my imagination.. ;0)

Please continue to pray for all those without power. Nearly 20 have died including one man who froze to death in his home. Horribly sad situation. There were around 80 deaths in the ice storm we had in 2003 so not nearly as bad however, any loss of life is sad to hear about.

Be back soon with todays update including pictures! :0)


Alesha said...

I'm totally interested in the diapers...don't have much time this morning...I'll email you later (Lord-willing) with my snail mail address for a few samples...or you can just tell me the sizes or brands and I can look up the size charts.

ok, gotta run...will talk to you later.


Tia said...

Just sneaking in to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you have a good day and no more ice storms.

Much love,

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