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Monday, August 3, 2009

VBS Saturday on the Ridge.........

  1. It was fun

  2. It was relaxing

  3. It was calm

  4. The weather was perfect

  5. The kids were unbelievably GOOD

  6. The bible lessons were enjoyed by the kiddos

  7. The crafts were adorable

  8. The music was entertaining, relaxing and quite clever

  9. The food was yummo all 3 meals ;)

  10. There were Sno-C0nes

  11. There was chocolate and more chocolate

  12. The games were fun

  13. It was very organized

  14. The kids had the best time ever as did the adults!

A few pictures from the one day event.......

Craft Time Round One....

Laynie is as messy as Megan when she was that age! LOL

One things for certain....Her craft was gonna be BLUE! LOL

Even the Teens were enjoying themselves...

Music Time....This was so relaxing/sweet and the little ones just loved it

Crafts Round 2....This was the most adorable craft ever. It really brought out the creativity in them all...

Megan making sure Jophie and J(Another little fella like Jophie) had crafts as well.

Music Time Again...We moved to the back of the fellowship hall making room for everyone

The Teen Bell Choir.....

The Tiny Little Bell Choir....Aren't they so cute? :0)

Relay Fun......

Run Lexie!

Run Run as fast as you can!

Sorry no pictures of the food/chocolate/Sno-cones cause well I was eating all that! LOL

And....No pictures of the bible lessons or games cause once again I was either eating or helping with crafts....Sounds like I was eating alot doesn't it? LOL

It was a nice, relaxing, fun day. Thanks for asking me to help Tammy...I really enjoyed it.

Now I'm off to fix Jophies meds and set up his water infusion for the night...

Trina and Jophie


MOM2_4 said...

What an awesome day. So glad you could go and eat chocolate - oops I mean help ;o)

Hugs & Prayers,

Junior said...

Looks like lots of fun

Lacey said...

You know, I wonder about Tobi. My ped probably doesn't know that much about it, but we go to pulmo at the end of the month, we'll ask her. Albuterol doesn't really help him, which is strange with asthma raging the family. He has steriods on board that were started yesterday. We'll see how tonight goes.

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