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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Bullet Kinda Night.........

  1. Jophie has been trying out all colors of the rainbow for the past few days starting with a bit green under the gills leading up to a lovely shade of Dusky blue then altering shades of white and red. He's also been testing his monitor alarms evidentally to make sure it will in fact record heart rates well into the 100's and Sats low enough to keep the best Limbo player on their toes. Ahhh fun Times!
  2. Beat my grass into submission it also beat me to a pulp. Hope I can move tomorrow
  3. Swam with the girlies Friday(Only 3rd time this summer cause its been so rainy/cold...It's gonna be a looooooooong winter)
  4. Finally managed to get Pictures of girlies in graduation Gowns/Caps and for the first time ever I screwed up the pictures royally. I barely salvaged one. UGH
  5. Girlies all start School Monday
  6. Crazy people grabbed man walking on road/dragged him to cemetary up the road/doused him with "something" then set him on fire. Had to be lifeflighted. 2nd/3rd degree burns. Lovely neighborhood we live in(So I thought)
  7. Crazy looney bird neighbor was finally evicted for good(At least I don't have to worry bout that mess now)
  8. Without going into detail....I've Spent the last couple weeks running my tail off and sitting/sitting/sitting in this office or that office signing this paper and that paper which in the long run was worth it but sure didn't help me worry any less. (Nothin' like flyin' by the seat of your pants)
  9. Finally got paid(I think I can breath now.....For at least a couple more weeks)
  10. Snagged some tasty summer harvest and have been eating my fill
  11. Need to get things moving along on the Fundraiser(Someone please kick me in the tail K?)
  12. Summer is leaving and I feel I've missed seeing a long lost friend. Gonna enjoy what bits of sunshine I can snag before it truly is winter
  13. Cleaned/Treated Pool(It's a lovely Aqua Hue)
  14. Thank you Charles ;)
  15. Watchin' my favorite thing Football!(TONS of pre-season games)
  16. Neighbor knocked on door late tonight which of course scared me(Was Seeking dirt on the earlier fire accident or rather asking if Katy our resident watch dog had any dirt)
  17. Neighbor then calls at 11:30 p.m. tonight which scared me again(She was just offering up the tid bits of dirt that she and hubby went and gathered up on earlier fire accident)
  18. New nurse then calls at 12:30 a.m. scaring me yet again(My phone never rings folks but Saturday and tonight it's been like Grand Central Station round here)
  19. New nurse was sick and says can't work and also "Quits"(Devasted is an understatement)
  20. Me thinks God wants me to remain a hermit
  21. Me thinks I'm never dreaming of possibly doing something enjoyable ever again
  22. "Crying Uncle"
  23. I think I need one of my friends tonight. Ativan or Benadryl? What say you?

Good night my friends.......

Trina and Jophie


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that warrants an ativan. One BIG honking ativan.

Tia said...

Ah Trina noooooooooooo! I'm so sorry. Ugh and ugh and ugh again.praying.


Doorless said...

OOOH! What a horrible time of it. I am so sorry you lost your nurse. But, glad you finally got paid. I don't know how you did it!
Praying Jophie gets better soon and breathing better.
Alxo praying you get some help.
That had to be so scary about that man being burned. Hope they caught the people who did it.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Definately Ativan! ;)

That is horrendous about the man being burned. I can't believe that. :(

Jen said...

Hope that you are having a better day.

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