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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not one of my brighter moments???

Or so it seems......

Of course I could be entirely wrong.

One thing is for certain...This is either going to be the smartest move I have ever made or quite possibly the dumbest. Time will only tell and seeing as its nearing 6:30 a.m. and my head has yet to hit the pillow, I fear none of us are going to know before dawn....


Nothin to strange about that picture?

Look closer......

Could it be the stilts protruding from underneath said air mattress?

How bout the not so inconspicuous step ladder sitting fully opened next to the bed??


Still doesn't seem odd?

How bout the "at least" 3 feet of pedestal "UNDERNEATH" the odd looking stilts?


Could it be that your speechless because your jaw is still hanging to the floor and your eyes have bugged completely beyond their capacity??

Never fear you've not gone mad....

Tis I who is the mad one or at the very least I'm trying to be creative and utilize what I have on hand since we are wingin' it alone with no nurses this weekend :0)

And what happened to my "normal" mattress you ask???


I'm so glad you asked!

It seems my elbow now has the razor sharpness of a newly crafted Knights sword and can I just say that the volcanic rush of wind that followed immediately after my elbow pierced the mattress nearly tossed me clean off the bed???! AND, lets not even mention that before one could manage to suck in their next breath of air, said mattress was flat as a flitter and there was poor pitiful me DEEP DOWN in the bottomless pit otherwise known as the waterbed frame! Yea that was a sight to behold as I longed for a crane to haul my fat butt outta that ravine!

Really! I do love sleeping on the ever so popular camping necessity otherwise known as the air mattress! In fact I sleep better than I have in years!

There's just one problem....

They only seem to be lasting me a few months with the exception of the one that just went Kapoooey Saturday mornin' very early mind you. I truly thought I was going to get a good 6 months if not more that is until the early mornin' "Razor Elbow Incident" ;0)

Anyone gonna be placing any bets as to what exactly is going to happen or NOT happen when I embark on this sleeping adventure??

How bout these....

"Will she actually be able to get in the bed even with the stepladder?"

"Will she forget how high she is when the alarm sounds and without thinking jump carelessly towards the floor only to find herself face down bloody nose smashed to the carpet?"


How bout this?

"Will she roll over forgetting how high she is off the floor, or better still how many times will she roll out?"

Any takers?

I suspect or rather fear they all might come true in which case I'll be a limping, hobbling mess tomorrow that is IF I don't require any stitches!

They don't call me BooBoo for nuthin' :0)

Now off I go to try and capture at least 2 hours of restful Zzzzzz's! At least I HOPE they are restful!

I do see a trip to Walmart come Monday (the air bed section in particular)
For now I'm gonna brave the mountain! All 5 foot of me! Barely 5 foot that is as it also seems in my old age I've begun to shrink!

Lord help us all!

Wish me luck! haha

Trina and Jophie


Lacey said...

Thanks for the good laugh this morning. Be careful on that bed.

Tia said...


Hope you can pick up a replacement soon! Meanwhile would the settee be safer?

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