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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jophies Night out.........

We don't get out too often
Jophie and I....

Most of our outings entail a visit to the doctor, medical procedures/tests or worse hospitalization but thankfully this trip involved none of the above.

Jophie had been having a really good day Thursday. He was sooo chilled. All vitals looked good and he was full of smiles all day. We had been preparing ALL DAY because well thats what you have to do if you go anywhere with Jophie.

This is NOT an easy task

  • Hair was washed

  • Bath was done

  • Clothes were laying out

  • Meds and Food had been given

  • He was napping peacefully

  • Oxgyen Tanks were swapped out for full ones

  • Suction tubing was changed and then packed

  • Pulse Oximeter was packed

  • Nebulizer was Packed

By evening I was preparing his evening medications/feeding/Water infusion/tubing/syringes so this could all be placed in a small cooler. I also packed some emergency meds to cover all possible complications while we were out. Now all that was left for me to do was shower and wait for Tammy(dear friend/nurse) to arrive at 7 p.m.

You truly never know what to expect when planning/traveling with Jophie. There are always surprises around the corner so needless to say I was a bit edgy. I wanted this to be a fun, relaxing trip for him. More than you know.

Tammy arrived and we got him ready. We started out the door and he started. Stridor, agitation and then a full blown asthma attack! I almost said "forget it"

I'm so glad I didn't! :0)

The Destination:

Big Sandy Super Store

The Purpose:

To pick out the larger portion of Jophies Wish. You see we had to take Jophie and let him actually sit in the theatre seats to see what would work best for him because of his back and limited ability to sit unassisted plus, we had to let him look at the tv screens to see which one he could see.

Jennifer(Jophies Wish Rep) had arranged in advance with Debbie(the manager) to meet after closing time. I was so thankful they were able to accomodate us.

When we arrived I had Tammy start Jophies meds while I went in and spoke with Debbie. It seems she has 2 family members that are immune compromised so she was very aware of the dangers to Jophie. She was indeed prepared for us! She sent everyone home except 2 employees who were very healthy. I can't express enough how much I appreciated them taking such precautionary measures.

And then she says:

"Jennifer said to pick whatever you want."

Be still my heart...Did I just hear what I think I did??!

I went back outside to pull the van closer to the front door and to begin unloading Jophie. This was a bit traumatic for Jophie as we were sitting at an angle which in turn caused us to transfer Jophie rougher than what we like. Can I just say I HATE our lack of safe/convenient/efficient transportation and or transfering of Jophie from van to chair. He always seems to get hurt and it just KILLS me!

By this time I was even more worried that this trip had been a mistake. UNTIL.....

We walked through those doors and let me tell you....I have no clue what it was about this place but he immediately calmed down. In fact you would have thought we had brought him to an amusement park. He was so fascinated by Big Sandy. How funny is that??!

Let me just show you how much so.....

Jophie seeing the Big Screen for the first time.

This was so cute! His mouth gaped open and staring like he was seeing aliens.

Take me to your leader! LOL

He sat like this for the longest time just staring and the best part.....It was a football game! Ah yes he is his mommas boy! :0)

Well alrighty then I guess he's chosen his tv. That was easy so lets move on to the next phase.

We headed towards the Theatre/Surround Sound packages and as we turn the corner........Everywhere you can see there are TV's! Rows and Rows of them.....


This was even more adorable! He had this look like......"OK can I have a wall like this at home" He just kept looking from one tv to another. Thank God they had the same thing playing on every channel or I think it woulda pushed him over the edge with so many choices! LOL

While he continued to drool literally over his newly discovered love for electronics, I stood off to the side and was just bursting with pride at my boy who clearly LOVES all things electronic as much as his momma. He's just like me folks and I LOVE it! :0)

OK next came the Theatre/Surround Sound package. The sales rep cranks up the sound and I kid you not.....Jophie was shakin in his chair and I looked like I had ants in my pants. He kept lookin around like Wow! "What kinda ride is this?" And ya know what....I could see in my boys eyes that he was growing to love this place even more.

Once we had all the electronics squared away we had to pick some seating. The theare seats were nice BUT, they were too big as in wide. The arm rests were pretty much non-existance which meant Jophie would have no support sitting up. Just when I thought all hope was lost I turned a corner and saw....

"The chair"

A chair like no other! This was a big ole' smoooooshy/marshmellowy/leather chair. Oh I just had a feeling. My gut was telling me this was the chair. The true test would be when we sat Jophie in it.

Need I say more??

Literally 1 minute and he was asleep. No Kiddin!

THEN I look over and see this:

All righty then! He's chosen his chair! This chair even goes all the way back like a bed and the best part is his back just sinks back into that leather and it doesn't hurt him. He's gonna love it!

As we were leaving we caught him peeking at his tv again. How cute is that?? All and All it was a productive and fun evening. The only thing left to find is theatre drapes, lighting and a cotton candy machine. I'll get right on that Monday.

And if by chance your sitting there thinking how weird we are for liking a trip to Big Sandy. It's OK. Really. I suppose we are weird and ya know what? I wouldn't mind calling up our new friend Debbie to see about spending another fun filled evening(after hours of course) in mine and Jophies new favorite vacation spot. And don't you be surprised if one day your browsing Big Sandy and you see this momma and her son all stretched out on those big comfy chairs watchin one of those big honkin screens!

Be sure and say HI when you pass by. Now pass the Cotton Candy please :0)

Jophie continues to do well. We are 5 days out since the last dose of antibiotic. We haven't gotten his sodium level yet. Labs were drawn Wednesday but the sample hemolyzed. This was repeated on Friday with results pending. Upset tummy, persistent stridor and bathroom woes continue to plague him.

For now we soldier on and continue claiming this verse.

God promises us in Isaiah 43:2 that "When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I WILL be with you."

Once again I have to stand on this promise and KNOW its true. I have to believe it will all my being. There is no room for doubt.
I have to Praise him even in the Storm and it does indeed seem to be letting up! :0)

Thank you once again Casting Crowns for this song and others that continue to be a soothing balm for my soul.

  • One Day
  • One Hour
  • One Minute
  • One Second
  • One Step at a Time.......

OK gotta scoot and yet again this momma wants to thank you from the bottom of her heart as you faithfully approach the throne in Jophies behalf.

Looking upward!


Alesha said...

I am SO SO glad that your outing was a success!!!!! And that chair looked just yummy!

People have asked us if we've done Make A Wish, and we haven't because we don't know what to do. Isaac doesn't really like to travel or do amusement parks. We would like a pool, but don't intend to be in this house forever, so don't want to do that yet either.

The home theater idea was just brilliant. Isaac does love his Veggies, Randy Travis and Gaithers - surround sound and big screen would be just up his alley. Thanks for sharing your wish. It has given me much food for thought.

I pray that there are no repercussions today from your trip last night, and that all goes well with the installation of everything.

Happy Sunday!

Tina said...

Oh Trina that was a joy to read...O just loved Jophies smiles in those pics. Loads of love and praying for you daily

Tammy and Parker said...

Whoa, baby! What a trip! What a wish! What an amazing soul your Jophie is!

I'm glad everything went so incredibly well!

ZAM said...

I hope your Jophie is doing good today.

Thanks for the visit.

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