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Friday, April 30, 2010

A bullet kinda night........

  1. Spring has officially hit Ohio
  2. Cut grass today(yesterday now) and determined training wheels on my push mower might be a necessary addition while I'm behind the wheel. Just sayin'
  3. Jophie has been a bit "off" the last few days. Hit or miss really. Tonight another unhappy/umcomfy boy. Motrin on board seems to be doing the trick.
  4. Been feeding LOTS of mouths these last few weeks.(SO thankful still for the job. Many things had to fall in place/be perfect to fit our schedules/life. Was definitely a "God thing". Thanks Heidi!) Jamie Oliver and crew was a success. Glad he liked the food enough to request it again.
  5. I've discovered I'm clumsier than I originally thought. Seriously....Just call me "Grace". It's really a comic show around here so much so Lora has decided she needs to follow me around with a video camera because she "knows" we can be filthy rich from my dorkiness.
  6. Wheel Chair saga continues and as it does it gets worse and worse. Turns out "partial" chair we finally did get in our possession came from who knows where and belongs to "your guess is as good as mine" Wheel chair dude no longer works for company and can't be found. Of course no return calls from him. Orthotics place is doing best to help us out. Really they are and are coming this week to START PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN. NO paper trail AT ALL aside from rejections from state due to improper paperwork/handling. This is SECOND time a medical equipment dude has caused probs like this. Now after more than 3 years we still have NO WHEELCHAIR that will work/new process will take ANOTHER 6-8 months and my nerves are frayed because of it. Just pray his current chair (that he's been sitting in SINCE HE WAS 10) will not just crumble into bits while he's in it(That is WHEN we take that chance) GRUMP
  7. Van saga continues. VERY difficult battle.........Been fighting it a long time too.
  8. Just pressing forward and praying Gods hands will guide in both situations.
  9. Is very sore from today's latest "GRACEfullness".
  10. Is very sleepy/tired/exhausted/pooped/BUTT dragging
  11. Twins birthday is tomorrow. Having a little "ice cream" party for their class at school. Thanks for sitting with Jophie for a couple hours Jess!
  12. Girls actual birthday party is Saturday and AGAIN thanks for sitting with Jophie a few hours so I can go Jess.
  13. Anniversary of Sean(my brothers death) is in the next day or so as well. Hard to believe it will be 7 years.
  14. Reconnected with former sister-in-law(Brothers ex wife) and my nephew. Haven't seen him since Sean's funeral. Was so happy to see pictures. He's grown into such a handsome young man. Looking forward to sharing in his life.
  15. Found a new nurse. Paperwork has been turned in and I'm waiting with baited breath to see if all falls into place. I dare not even get my hopes up as this "nurse thing" has dashed my hopes more than I can count but this one "really" seems like it's going to happen AND she doesn't have a problem with the schedule that we've been trying to fill.
  16. Seems we've been traveling multiple bumpy roads littered with debris that seems to just "jump" into our path along the way. I've decided I don't like roads littered with "unnecessary debris"
  17. Lots of "end of school" upcoming events that I'm "planning on attending. Praying this all works out as I "NEED" a smidge of a break. NO I NEED a HUGE break(A vacation to be more specific) but that's nowhere in the near future that I can see so for now I'll be "very thankful" for these "mini outings".
  18. Going to open pool soon and looking forward to lots of fun time in the water/grilling/wienie roasts this summer.
  19. Had another tooth yanked and 2 more filled. Fill like I've been punched on the left side of my face/jaw. Thank God for motrin.
  20. I've determined getting old sucks. This ole body seems a bit weary and worn down. No news flash but in "complain/whine mode" which seems to be often these days. The only difference now is I'm making you listen too.
  21. Soooo thankful for Jophies 2 nurses not only for what they do for him but for me as well. We couldn't survive without them and it doesn't hurt that we were close friends "first".
  22. Just checked on Jophie and all his numbers are good. 97 sat and 53 heart rate. Couldn't be any better so seems like a good time to exit and try to catch at least a few winks.

Now Mr. Sandman.....

Let's DANCE!


Doorless said...

Praying things get lots better and you really do get that nurse.

Lacey said...

My mind is spinning just reading! Sending smoochies your way!

Tia said...

So glad you made it out - hoping you get some more of those minibreaks over the next few months.

Becky said...

Good to hear from you! I miss it when you are away. You will be in my prayers. You could always move to NH...some of your medical nightmares might go away. We have a GREAT state that treats our disabled children well. PLUS...we'd be neighbors! Just sayin'. :) Thinking about you guys. Give your cute boy a smooch from me!

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