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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technically Tuesday...........

Near the 4 a.m.ish mark at the moment. (And no that has nothing to do with the amish ;)

  1. Appointment 1 done! After much poking/prodding/tap tap tapping/xraying dentist determines "it's infected" ya think? Antibiotics on board and a date for extraction with an order for 2 more extractions as well. By the time he's finished I'll be known as gumby.
  2. Appointment 2 done! Appointment 2 done! Lots of squishing and mooshing and yet more xraying. The perfect "boob job" and now I have 364 more days of freedom from that medieval machine.
  3. More appointments on the horizon....
  4. Getting old requires lots of tune-ups.....
  5. Jophie still seems a bit off but not as much. Only required zofran one extra time today and the temp seems to be back to his norm 95/96.....Watching him closely
  6. Slowly will begin the stress dosing reduction. I didn't increase those steroids too much so it shouldn't be "too difficult" to get back to what we were at just prior to weekend.
  7. Finished up dosing Jophie for the night and hooking up his water infusion.
  8. Now just need to flip him to his other side/unhook Duo-neb breathing tx and I might could get a few winks before work tomorrow. (Need to iron shirt)
  9. Working the rest of this week. Looking forward to weekend and "possibly" a movie. Depending on how jophie feels and how these antibiotics are treating me by then......We shall see..

And now I must go or I'm never catching any Zzzzzzzzzzz's


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Ouch on the tooth! I hope the extraction makes life a little easier for you.

I'm glad that Jophie is doing better. I hope you were able to get some sleep!

Oh, and ugh on the mammo .... hate those! Thank goodness it's only once a year huh! :)

Eve said...

Hi Trina & Jophie! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such a funny comment. It made my morning. I immediately said 'Ohio' just to see how I sounded (cuz you know it's all perception!) Mine sounds like o- HIEEE-o...and pretty silly!

Wishing you a beautiful, sunshiny Ohio weekend :)

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