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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spoke to soon...........

  1. Bad weekend for Jophie with lots of interventions to sustain. Not sure whats up so watching him close.
  2. Haven't slept much if any
  3. Very busy work week coming up so praying we can work out the Jophie kinks before all that hits
  4. 2 appointments tomorrow so have to miss work on Monday
  5. Wondering how/where I'm going to fit Jophie in if need be to see his ped
  6. Thank God Tammy works today. I need an extra set of eyes/hands and opinion at this point

And now it's back to my second job....Jophies nurse


Tina said...

Sorry its been a tough weekend hope sleep is available to you soon. May God bless your rest with exceeding refreshment.

Alesha said...

ditto to everything Tina said!

praying for you both,

Lacey said...

Oh I hate it when we speak to soon! I hope he doesn't have anything nasty and that you can get some sleep. I want to be a part of your private blog if you'll have me!

Junior said...

Sorry to hear that Jophie is having a tough time, will be praying that it is not something serious

Becky said...

SO SORRY he's not feeling well. As always, he's so lucky to have you. :) You asked me if I do chest PT with Ben. The answer is yes. Not always so faithfully, but he does have a percussion vest which makes it a little bit easier. You guys will be in my prayers.

Tia said...

That doesn't sound so good - I hope he decides to get back on track again before tomorrow.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jophie had a rough weekend. I hope that you can get some rest! It is hard for me to get Peanut to all her appointments, and I don't have an outside job. You are an amazing mom!!

Colleen said...

I hope he feels better soon and you can get some much needed rest! Hugs and prayers!

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