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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plum tuckered.........

  • Looooooong Weekend
  • Tammy is sick so had no nurse Friday
  • Lora is off this weekend so had no nurse Saturday
  • Called Lora to see if she could swing by tomorrow to help with trach change
  • Lora thinks she has a "sinus" thing going on(I sure hope thats all it is)
  • Tomorrow I need to check on BOTH nurses to see if one is able to help with this trach collar change
  • Jophies had a horrible weekend(High heart rate and just plain miserable even with every drug I could give him)
  • I've slept 3 hours since last Wednesday
  • Praying for a couple hours before Monday because I'm working Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Lets pray I don't slice and dice my fingers and try to cook them rather than the veggies ;)
  • Trying to line my photo shoots out for Spring cause the slots are filling up quickly(I have some carry overs from late fall due to bad weather we were not able to do them)
  • Jophies air mattress(Correction POOL FLOAT) has finally bit the dust BUT it lasted from last July 11 till now so much better than those expensive air mattresses home health was giving us and WONT replace now) Pathetic
  • Make note to order him another pool float
  • Been ever so busy the past few months
  • The holidays were same ole.....quiet/lonely and just like any other day for us. Was also very limited on help through the holidays. We NEED to find a nurse for this 3rd shift! Any Local Takers?? You must be an LPN or an RN. Contact me if you are interested and we'll talk.
  • Cooked for Jamie Oliver(The Naked Chef) just prior to Christmas but can't talk about it aside from that. Soon enough you will know why....Seems Rascal Flatts had a taste for our food too ;)
  • Trying ever so hard to finish up an order for a dear friend. My thumb was broke back a few weeks ago during our Naked Chef venture and once again it's all wonky. I WILL get this finished for you Laura! Thank you for your patience
  • Pray for our little buddy Jaxson
He has that big bad wonky virus called Human Metapneumovirus which is similar to RSV but a different virus all together. For the immune compromised child it is very serious. Currently he's in the hospital. His moms name is Lacey. I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers for little Jax. Lacey when things settle I'll link you to my my nieces full photo shoot. You mentioned you wanted to see the rest of the shoot.

Santa visited Jophie this year. He was the best/sweetest Santa ever!

I missed the best picture when he actually came to the other side of the bed. Jophie caught sight of him and was nothing but smiles till he left. Carolers from a local church stopped by and because of a little elf(Heidi - Spice of Life Catering) they brought Jophie a Ninja food processor to help with his Blenderized foods. A friend from online also donated a Magic Bullet to Jophie to help with his BF. Between the two we can do some serious blending. One day we will own us a Vitamix! For now the Ninja and Bullet have made things so much easier.

Thats us for now.....Well close enough cause I'm seriously pooped!

Now if only I can catch even an hour of sleep at some point.

Trina and Jophie


Junior said...

Sure hope you can get some sleep and Jophie starts feeling better.
hang in there, lots of prayers and hugs

MOM2_4 said...

hang in there girlie!!

Becky said...

SO good to hear from you again. We've missed your updates. Sounds like you've been busy though. Wish I could help you with your cute boy...if only we lived closer. Praying that sleep comes for you. Love, Becky

Tia said...

Tired just reading that little lot! But glad you're squeezing in a moment or two to blog - now just to carve out some sleep time too..

Alesha said...

praising God with you for new "connections"!!! praying it gets that van for Jophie SOON!

thanks for blogging even though you probably should've been sleeping! LOL!!!

hang in there, girlie!

Tina said...

It is good to hear from you again, sorry there is so much difficulty for you and so little sleeep.
Sending love and prayers your way!

Colleen said...

Wow you certainly have been busy! I'm so glad you are blogging again. That's really cool about Jophie getting to see Santa. I hope you can get some rest this week!

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