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Saturday, January 30, 2010

i ♥ faces - Fix - It - Friday

Just playin' along......

Original Photo which could stand alone as is:

I'm fairly certain I'm the oddball here using PSP for my editing. What can I say I love it best :0)

My Edited Version:

In PSP I started with the One step photo fix. Next I used the automatic saturation enhancement to darken things up a bit. Sharpen tool then New art media layer. Sharpen tool again then promote background layer. Sparkle picture tube then finish it off with starburst and voila!

Now go check out all the other edited versions of this picture ­ i ♥ faces

1 comment:

Jayde said...

The edit looks lovely. Don't worry about being an oddball I don't use PaintShop or PhotoShop. I use PhotoImpact which makes it really difficult to learn new things because everything tutorial wise is for PhotoShop. Being different is always fun!

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