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Monday, September 14, 2009

“I'm a Pepper; you're a Pepper”

Wait...I don't even like that stuff :0)

I do however love me some Red Peppers especially when they are FREE!

Nearly 30 BUSHELS!!

So what do you do when you have nearly 30 BUSHELS of red peppers?

Well I'm so glad you asked :0)

You stuff em...

You dice em...

You slowly turn them into Spicey Cinnamon Red Pepper Butter! Yummo!

You run as fast as you can to the grocery store tomorrow to replace used up ingredients so you can stuff more making sure to not forget the ingredients you didn't have to finish the oh so yummy Red Pepper Jelly and Chrismas Relish! :0)

You cut up twenty hundred thousand more into nice little slivers perfect for munchin'....

You donate 26 bushels to neighbors, friends and family......

Then you try desperately to sleep all the while convincing yourself that NO those are NOT peppers dancing behind your eyelids nor are they peppers slowly jumping over fences! LOL

Somewhere in the armpit of Ohio many a redneck are feverishly cutting, dicing, slicing, boiling and baking peppers lest the rot before their very eyes....

Our freezers are filling
Our bellies will be full this winter

We are thankful for this bounty grown by unknown hands given unselfishly asking nothing in return....

On serious note:

3 days
3 beautiful children
3 little angels dancin' around the thrown

Please pray for the familes of these children taken from us much too soon by that evil beast known as Cancer

Heaven must be rejoicing to receive such precious babes!

Tomorrow Tammy and I go to collect donations that Lora and I worked on Friday. I'll have more details soon. I didn't want to post or update the list just yet as we will know more tomorrow. We are also waiting comfirmation on something very important and necessary for the Benefit. Please pray this works itself out and for the few other things we haven't gotten fully ironed out yet...

Trina and Jophie


Lacey said...

Did you grow those? I would love to do a small garden someday. Someday being the key word.

Junior said...

yummy, those peppers look so good.

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