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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Calm after the Storm...........

The Chronicles of Kitts Hill.....Prince Jophie and I(The Sequal)

The rest of the story as promised or in our case "the rest of the pictures" ;0)

(please click picture if you want to see the enlarged version)

Our frozen Tundra which might actually be pretty aside from that little teensy problem of it being so devastating and crippling to the community......

Major Snow Squalling and at this point its beginning to rain/ice/snow or as we like to say "ricing or snicing" depending on which combination of precipitation happens to be mingling at that particular moment and in our case it was all of the above! ;0)

Again would be so pretty but........

Can you see my "man-made" pond beginning to fill with water or should I say "woman-made"?

And now its beginning to flow and fill beneath my van! It had absolutely nowhere to go except up as in fill R' Up! After clearing the driveway of snow a little edge was left all around which normally is not a problem unless of course it begins to rain and ice in the middle of a snow storm! Ice Skates anyone?

And even in the midst of all the madness......
God sent us a clear reminder that.....

"This too shall pass" ;0)

It was however very short lived! The temps dropped and that once flowing swimming hole was then transformed into a slippery ice skating rink! If you look real close you will see the tire tracks and footprints of the firemen who ever so bravely drove down into that mess and walked errr slipped and slided across the driveway just so they could bring heaters to Jophie and I while the electric was out. We are blessed and truly loved ;0)

More icy/snowy/droopy tree pictures.........

Look close.......Can you spot all the cardinals in the first picture??

Is it a pool or is it a ice fishing pond?

It's gorgeous out today! The sun is shining and I managed to get OUT of my driveway for the fisrt time in weeks yesterday. Now I'm off to take some pictures of what we look like now...
Be back to share that with you soon! You won't believe the difference a few days and sunshine can make! ;0)


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